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My Thoughts On While You Were Sleeping Episodes 3 And 4

I guess having the "Seed of Agito" can be a burden, isn't it? I sort of want to imagine that the Seed of Agito hit South Korea watching this show. With episodes 3-4 and well I'll have to wait for Wednesday to Thursday next week to watch more episodes of this ongoing show.
It looks like we now have an idea of who's who or what? Yoo-Bum is well a bummer. It's hinted by Jae-Chan's words that he's a sleazy guy who let others take the blame. In the past, Yoo-Bum made Jae-Chan take the blame. He's a dirty prosecutor who'd do anything to grab power and it's obvious. He dated Hong-Joo but visions suggest he may even frame her for what could have been his hit-and-run and to avoid responsibility. This leads to another issue of how fate affects society.

Seung-Won meets a girl who wants to take justice into her hands. She mentions how the justice system of South Korea is failing. Is this show trying to address social injustices? The So-Yoon insists t…

My First Impressions On While You Were Sleeping

I just started watching "While You Were Sleeping" and I have to admit it's addictive. I have to admit that I've got a stupid reason (the attractive actress) while it has a good story. Okay, I'm NOT watching a lot of shows with eye candy due to the bad plot all the while I tend to overpraise good shows with eye candy.

The main character Hiroyo Hakase Nam Hong-Joo is seeing horrible visions. She sees a man will die from lighting his lighter near a gasoline station. She starts to see an accident she will cause that could claim her mother's life. She wants to prevent it and she starts off by cutting her hair making her look more like the Japanese actress Maaya Uchida. She starts seeing dark visions and we're sent to another dream realm which the prosecutor Jung Jae-Chan sees the dark visions himself.

I guess the reason why this TV series airs late at night is due to some violence. Just seeing some scenes of blood from the car accident scene scares me. Seeing …

Kamen Rider Build Episode 4: Side Effects Of Smash And A Bit More Of Pandora's Box

I don't know if I should continue doing Kamen Rider Build episode reviews for a change for this blog. For one, I'm somewhat looking for ways to catch up with the schedule of "While You Were Sleeping" and I might devote more of myself with that show while still enjoying Kyuranger and Kamen Rider Build. 
The current visible leader Night Rogue is already thinking of having more Smash experiments. Somehow, I'm glad that some concepts from the Showa era Kamen Rider as well as Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider Fourze are improved. Creating Smash seems to combine both how Shocker and Gorgom does its experiments with Museum and the Horoscopes with human beings. But it's possible somebody is controlling Night Rogue. I smell a dark malevolent force already. 
There's a bit of "leakage" with the Pandora's Box. Faust may have had an inside job that started the whole mess to start with. So what's Faust up to? The organization Faust seems to influencing p…

Sawa Takigawa May Be In The Danger Of Becoming The New Megumi Asano

I was watching Kamen Rider Build and I'm already having my concerns early on. Sure, I like the dark atmosphere after spending some time in a lighter atmosphere since Kamen Rider Den-O (and they were good in their on way) but I do have my concern. It's the character Sawa Takigawa. She's a freelance journalist. Just in episode three, she's showing signs that she could mutate into this character...

That would be Megumi Asano from Kamen Rider Ryuki. I remembered how I could have liked Ryuki, it had potential to be a good Kamen Rider series but executives and probably some whiny parents caused it to die out. She first appeared in episode 30 of Ryuki where I believe executives forced Toshiki Inoue to write her in to "lessen the tragedy". While she's attractive but she ends up as a waste of space. She doesn't serve as the "necessary conflict "either unlike how Inoue was once allowed to write characters like Hojo Toru in Agito or Masato Kusaka in F…

What Kamen Rider Build Episode 3 Could Be Telling Me To Expect In Later Episodes

Okay I'm not so sure if I could keep up doing Kamen Rider Build episode reviews or if I should wait until the plot moves a little more forward before I do PLOT updates. Writing the weekly Kyuranger episode review has been easier IMO. I probably still feel bad I didn't attempt to do episode reviews of several Heisei era Riders. Anyway here's an interesting catch on what I could expect.

We get to see a preview of the three districts of Japan and how they operate. Things haven't been the same since the Skywall incident. We get to see these three faces who are trying to cope up (or not) with the Skywall incident. I don't have very good vibes with these guys. I suspect they could be part of the whole mess.

We have an idea how Faust operates. It's somewhat similar to how Shocker and Gorgom operate with blackmailing people into doing their bidding. Night Rogue looks really evil and gives me the chills. The new organization known as Faust is blackmailing people. Ryuga…

So A Prosecutor Meets A Psychic Ex-Journalist?

I'm thinking about watching "While You Were Sleeping" which will feature Lee Jong Suk as an attorney who seems cold who runs into an ex-journalist who can see unfortunate events. I don't know is it me or or is Suzy's resemblance to the Japanese seiyu (voice actor/actress) Maaya Uchida being used for this scenario.

What interests me more if Suzy's character as an ex-journalist named Nam Hong-Joo. She can foresee unfortunate events in her dreams. The lawyer Jung Jae-Chan tries to stop these unfortunate events from happening whenever she sees them. I wonder how these two will fall in love.

Right now, I think Suzy is more than ready to take on more mature roles. I could still remember her being a badass warrior in Kang Chi. I even think she could have made a Korean version of Hiroyo Hakase should there be a Korean version of Akibaranger (which isn't likely).

The series will be aired on SBS on September 27, 2017 at a 10:00 P.M. timeslot. It will air at both W…

What I'm Expecting From Kamen Rider Build After Episode Two

I don't know if I should even do an episode review for Kamen Rider Build. Granted, I told you my knowledge in Kamen Rider is even more limited EXCEPT for the Heisei era which is Kuuga up to present. 
The show itself suggests there are going to be a couple of mysteries to solve. Okay, it's obvious that our hero has been experimented on and he doesn't have his memories. I don't think everything can be revealed in due time. There may twists and turns similar to Kamen Rider Agito.

There's going to be more serious moments from what I see. I hope the show doesn't face any circumstance that would force it to switch moods like Ohranger. It's like Ohranger had so much potential in the first few episodes but it went down the drain due to real life affairs. I want to have the whole Smash backstory explored. 
It would be interesting to see more backstory behind both our hero Sento and Ryuga. I'm also expectign Ryuga would become a Kamen Rider given what happened i…

I'm Probably Rewatching Some Of These Last Decade Korean TV Series While Watching Kamen Rider Build And Kyuranger

I've been doing some Toku rewatches last decade. I may have even regret trying to leave Tokusatsu and now I'm also regretting trying to leave Korean series. I mean, why choose one over the other when I can enjoy the best of both J-Pop and K-Pop? I thought about it that while I'm watching both Build and Kyuranger (I could lessen my Toku viewing for now) I would probably marathon these ones but please don't expect episode reviews from me on these shows. 
I thought about why I didn't like Korean series (at first) was because of this fact: Autumn in My Heart was too sad a series. I still can't forget the stupidity that I cried over the scene where Song Hye Kyo's character died without putting into mind she's a girl I'll never have. Anyway, I could give it a rewatch if need be but not while I'm on an emotional rollercoaster.
I admit when it comes to action scenes I usually prefer Chinese over Japanese and Korean but it doesn't mean I can't e…

Kamen Rider Injustice: Kuroto Dan's Character Decay As Shin Kuroto Dan

Kamen Rider EX-AID is over and while I thought the series was entertaining, I tend to still find some minor issues in just everything. I know, I tend to CinemaSins things that much but I like giving it a shot every now and then. I mean, no matter how you like a series but I tend to always have something negative to say even for series that I speak highly about.

I thought about how Kuroto Dan's character decay. Yes, I still thought about how he was a real troll during the first half of the show. He's done much to the show such as the creation of the Kamen Rider Chronicle, he's making everyone's lives miserable. He had 23 episodes of sheer terror as a psychotic guy so I thought he should have either stayed dead or return as a more malevolent life form after he became a Bugster. I mean, make him a dangerous virus that would be a threat to everyone including his own father.

The arrival of his father Masamume Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus was a good one but writers didn't have…

My First Impression On Kamen Rider Build

I haven't seen the Kamen Rider EX-AID post-movie sequels yet but I'll give my thoughts on Kamen Rider Build. Okay, he looks like a modified version of Kamen Rider W (suit-wise) except he doesn't have the two-in-one hero motif like the former. So what's next?
The story has the Pandora's Box's power getting released. I wonder how stupid are people to have loose security during the time the box was brought from Mars anyway? The nation of Japan is now split into three countries. Hokuto is on the north focused on social welfare, Seito is in the west pursuing economic recovery and Touto adheres to traditional pacifism. The Sky Wall incident caused this division and other countries want to take advantage of it. 
Is it me or are we getting vibes of Kamen Rider Agito here? The main hero Sento Kiryu has lost his memories for the past ten years. He's a genius physicist but he doesn't even have any memory of who he is. I think Toei wants to repeat some parts of Ka…