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My Early Thoughts On The Kamen Rider Build Leaks

Here's a preview of what to expect from Kamen Rider Build from Hero Taku:

Recently new details for Kamen Rider Build have surfaced online, which reveals major plot details for the series.

The series will feature the main hero, Kamen Rider Build, who is a genius physicist.

The Build Driver will utilize two Full Bottles that are based on either animals or machines. By using the best combination of Full Bottles, Kamen Rider Build will be able to initiate an hissatsu attack. His base form will be using both the Rabbit and Tank bottles to become RabbitTank form. His catchphrase will be, ” Well, let’s start the experiment.”

The story begins with the Japanese archipelago being split into three sections by a huge wall called the “Sky Wall.” The wall is created by the mysterious object called the “Pandora Box,” which was discovered on Mars. In the capital city of Toto, Saito & Kita were born. Saito & Kita are two unidentified living organisms called “smash” who drives humanity in…

Wishful Thinking: Actresses Who Could Have Played As Guan Yin/Avalokitesvara In Journey To The West

It's nice to enjoy the incarnations of Journey to the West in both TV and film. I was thinking of a couple of times that Hong Kong and Taiwanese films and series end up hiring foreign actors to play in their scripts. I could remember having Korean actors and half-Chinese, half-something actors play the parts. One particular character comes to mind namely Avalokitesvara in the Journey to the West. In Chinese, she is known as Guan Shi Yin Pusa or Guan Yin Pusa. I could talk of some actresses I wish played as the said character.
The Singaporean actress Michelle Zheng Saram is half-Indian and half-Chinese. I remembered her appearance in Meteor Garden as a runaway princess from Bhutan known as Yesha. Speaking of which some legends say that Avalokitesvara was actually an Indian princess named Miao Shan (meaning wonderful virtue and the Indian name is Garati) who became a Boddhisatva. If she could play as a runaway princess in Meteor Garden then I don't see any problem with her play…

Hiiro Kagami's Manly Tears

I thought of Hiiro Kagami's defection to Masamune Dan's side because his girlfriend Saki's data is still there. He contradicted himself when he decided to put feelings before his duty. Several episodes, we see a Taiga who's someone who puts his duty before his feelings. He berates Emu for his perceived view of being "too emotional" but he's trapped in that maze. Masamune has the data of his girlfriend Saki Momose. He could have had her back (assuming Masamune could really do it) but he ended up choosing not to.
The condition was that he performs surgery on Taiga Hanaya and fail on purpose. Masamune is really that sick making him responsible to why Kuroto's also a genocidal maniac. I really loved the emotional drama shown in this scene. He chose his duty over Saki. He couldn't bring himself to kill Taiga just to get his girlfriend back. I also thought how he refused to get others involved. He lost the chance to get Saki back (assuming it could hap…

I Still Care About New School Korean Shows

I didn't care too much about Korean shows. I remembered how it annoyed me that much when the Korean invasion came in until I started enjoying Korean food. All that happened when I took a break from Tokusatsu to focus on other new stuff. I didn't like Korean shows that much but I started giving them a try anyway. Then I thought I had really dumb reasons to watch Korean shows considering I had a bad crush on Kim Tae Hee, Han Hyo Joo and Song Hye Kyo. I can't forget watching Forbidden Love, Autumn in My Heart, Spring Waltz, My Brilliant Legacy and Full House for eye candy. Ironically, I end up throwing any bad show with eye candy while I overrate those good ones with lot of them then I end up enjoying better written shows with so little or no eye candy.

So I wonder why do I still care about new school Korean shows? I didn't really care about K-Pop music unless if the music was that good. I still prefer J-Pop and C-Pop over K-Pop. I'm still more concerned about learni…

Why I Find South Koreanized Versions Of Japanese Shows Way Better Than Americanized Versions Of Japanese Shows

This is a pretty touchy topic especially if you think how there are some people with the U.S. is always better mentality. I thought I might write on why I think South Koreanized versions of Japanese shows are better than that of the Americanized version. This is pretty much going against a group of certain people who think everything American is better or that Americanized versions means "turning crap into legend". Let's get started shall we?

I don't deny some K-Drama are based on Japanese Manga, Anime or TV drama. But why do I like them better than the Americanized versions? I thought about why I prefer K-Drama versions of Japanese shows over the Americanized versions of Japanese shows? Let's take a comparison of how the localization is carried out by South Koreans and the American media. Looking at both sides of the coin should help explain.

The South Korean live TV versions of Japanese shows only localize the story but they never use any footage from the sour…