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Some Members Of The Meteor Garden Cast Could've Been Used In A Remake Of "The Unforgettable Character"

After thinking of how Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu-Wang both had the Chin/Liu chemistry, I felt like the Meteor Garden cast could have been for the Qiong Yao Television series. As I love to say it, Jerry Yan as Chin Han's charisma (plus I feel like he's can play as the son of both Chin Han and Liu Xue Hua) and Barbie Xu-Wang would have made a better Yi Ping than Vicki Zhao did. I felt that while watching a few scenes from "The Unforgettable Character" especially it took place in a school in a basketball game, some characters in Meteor Garden could've been used.
So who can play as Jerry's parents? I'd pick either Liu Xue Hua or Zhen Xiu Zhen as the mother and make Chin Han his father in the script. Gu Yin can play as Barbie's mother for a more age appropriate casting reprising her old role. Tang Qi from go from Jerry's majordomo to becoming his paternal grandmother and from Chin Han's grandmother to being Chin Han's mother for more age appropri…