I'm Also Watching W - Two Worlds Apart

What if the Webtoon you are viewing is actually a weird, mystical world? Well talk about trying to take the concepts of Never Ending Story or Fushigi Yuugi and replace the book with a webtoon. That's exactly what happens with W: Two Worlds. A webtoon itself becomes a parallel universe that connects two people of different universes -- a doctor named Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) and a fictional character named Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk).

The story of the W has a in a series of events. Kang Chul starts off as a champion sharpshooter, he loses his family, he gets jailed for the wrong reason, he attempts to commit suicide at a bridge, he wants to get justice for his family, he becomes a rich man and in all of that -- he ends up with a friendship and infatuation with Yeon Joo. What he doesn't know yet that early on, Yeon Joo is a real person and he's a Webtoon character so somehow managed to come to life.

The whole adventure is a mysterious one. How does Yeon Joo even get sucked into…

Defrosting An Ice King And A Sibling Rivalry Over A Girl?

I've just watched episodes three to four and it has me thinking of the latest plot that could brew -- it's the plot to defrost an ice king or prince while there's also sibling rivalry as part of the tropes. The latest episodes show quite some tension especially with Lee Young Joon and his unanswered feelings towards his not-so-attractive (but still cute) secretary Kim Mi Soo. Yet, it looks like a third wheel is coming into this series in the cliche when two brothers actually get involved in a love triangle.

I was wondering what exactly turned the younger brother Young Joon into the ice prince or ice king of the series? He doesn't get along with his brother Seong Yun who is a best-selling author who lives abroad. I can't forget how Mi Soo or Secretary Kim runs into the older brother Seong Yun. Seong Yun ties the shoelaces of Mi Soo and they even run into each other -- heck, he even asks for her number! All the while, there's some cold war going on between the t…

My Screwed Up Imagined Sequel For Gu Family Book

Kang Chi's tale in the past ends in tragedy. I decided to take a look at the epilogue which takes place centuries AFTER the series ends. So I decided to create an imaginary timeline and two shows that are totally different namely Tokkei Solbrain and Akibaranger to create this rather screwed up sequel on high doses of crack. So here's how the events turn out in my headcanon which is obviously not canon and will actually contradict the events of Akibaranger and Solbrain?

Unwilling to suffer any longer as he roams the Earth -- Kang Chi seeks to be reincarnated as a human at the cost of his Korean heritage. He tries to do penance, hoping to remove his demon blood and he manages to die of unknown causes. He's later reincarnated into the Masuda family where he later gets a job as a police officer. Solbrain later disbands but memories of his past life soon start to reactivate into his head. In the year 2001, Kang Chi is now a rookie police officer. In the Year 2002, he becomes a…

I'm Now Watching "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim"

Okay, don't expect me to publish episode by episode reviews because well, I kinda want to focus on either my Lupinranger vs. Patranger reviews or I'm trying to figure out what kind of opinion post I'll do for this one (and in extension, Kamen Rider Build). But as far as I'm concerned, I would just update when I'm in the mood but I could give my first impressions towards this romantic comedy in two episodes. Yeah, I know it was last week but I just started watching it on Drama Bus and man, I can't wait for the next episodes today and tomorrow at tvN.

We have a Park-Park couple -- Park Seo-Joon plays as the narcissistic Lee Young-Joon and Park Min-Young plays as Kim Min-Soo the titular protagonist. Young-Joon is a narcissist since he's obviously nearly got it all -- money, good looks, height and whatsoever. All the while, he's stuck with the not-so-attractive Min-Soo who's 29 years old but it's stated that she worked with him for nine years. So wa…

I Still Cherish F4 Without Ackowledging The F4 Bandwagon

I've been thinking it's some time since F4 was the very reason why I started watching Chinese media whether it'd be from China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Meteor Garden was the very start of me watching Chinese drama series though why would I obsess over it (and the upcoming China remake) or even the just F4, F4 and all F4, right? Sure, I do still want to watch some of Vic Chou's latest projects and I miss Vanness Wu already, I'd probably like to see Jerry Yan have another movie (and I really wish he'd get a project with either Esther Liu or Liu Yi Fei) or have a Jerry Yan x Barbie Xu-Wang comeback series preferably a remake of the Chin/Liu TV series "After Many Red Sunsets" or "Secular Romance".
I remembered the F4 craze when it started, I thought they were a Japanese boy band until I heard them sing in Mandarin. I couldn't forget how these guys took me to the craze with Meteor Garden all the while there were other Taiwanese shows to watch s…

I Enjoy The Best Of Korean Culture While I Hate Koreaboo Bandwagons

I'm a fan of quality Korean drama (though I'm selective like every culture). What bothers me though is the annoying Koreaboo Bangwagon. What's a bandwagon you may ask? Investopedia would define it as, "The bandwagon effect is a psychological phenomenon in which people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs, which they may ignore or override. The bandwagon effect has wide implications, but is commonly seen in politics and consumer behavior."What's a Koreaboo? Weeaboos are those who aren't Japanese but overrates Japanese culture. Koreaboos are those who aren't South Korean but they overrate South Korean culture. 
Some people just get into Korean drama or culture because they fear that they don't conform to their Koreaboo peers or even society even if it goes against their own productive individuality. Exposure to Korean culture was something new and people just picked it and more people picked it. …

What Could Happen Next Now That Nanba Enterprises Is Finally At Evolt's Full Command?

I remembered rambling on the issue of the thickening plot of Evolt as well as Nanba Enterprises. It looks like we've got a lesson to learn. When something that's more powerful than you are offers you his or her services -- he or she may only be using you. This reminds me of how Long in Gekiranger pretended to serve Rio and Mele but he was only after his own interest.

The same happened to the greedy Chairman Nanba. He effectively took over as the recurring villain from Faust, he took away Prime Minister Nido's position and this was all allowed by Evolt. Evolt as Blood Stark pretended to serve Chairman Nanba. Chairman Nanba was indeed a fool to believe that he could get the loyalty of someome -- especially if that someone is almost like someone that seemingly sprang out from the Doom video game series! Would you want to even have an alliance with someone like  the Icon of Sin from the second game? I wouldn't dare do it but Chairman Nanba himself foolishly made that deal…