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So Akibaranger Season 3 Errr Vagabond Will Air On May 2019?

It just had me thinking about my temporary plan to skip Ryusouger and to focus on Vagabond maynot happen after all. Maybe the first part will happen but the whole March 17, 2019 air date and at least one month of rest may change the plan.

Vagabond is most likely to get a May 2019 air date according to NAVER TV. Below is apparently the news of Akibaranger Season 3 errr Vagabond's airing date and below is my rough translation (using Google translate) to make it more readable to non-Korean readers like myself:

Vagabond is confirmed by SBS Organziation.

An official at the SBS drama station said on December 26 that Vagabond has been confirmed to be organized in May next year.

VAGABOND is a spy drama about a man who lives a normal life gets accidentally involved in digging up national corruption in the process.

The main character is singer and actor Lee Seung Gi together with Suzy. The two acted together five years ago through the MBC known as Gu Family Book. It's believed that expecta…

Kamen Rider Zi-O Meets His Evil Future Self

Well I guess this should be my final post for the year. Yup, I'm already bracing myself for Vagabond either. This is a pretty interesting arc when Kamen Rider Zi-O's present and future self are idealistically different. In the future, we see an elderly man who rules the future with an iron fist but how did he become like that from a sweet and innocent teenager that he is? This also brings forth more of Tsukasa Kadoya's appearance with a total of four episodes!

I like how the future and present are colliding in a smoother way than previous episodes. The forces of Demon King Zi-O start to attack the present. A new villain under the authority of Demon King Zi-O called Kashin arrives. Kashin is an agent of Demon King Zi-O and looks like they want to accelerate the time itself to allow the ascension faster than expected.

This is where things get intense. Sougo in the present wants to become a good overlord but only sees his evil self. Tsukasa does the unthinkable or not -- he …

It's Not Akibaranger Season Three, It's Vagabond

Well I just love throwing my Suzy Bae/Akibaranger jokes because there are many times I tend to forget that she's not Maaya Uchida or the fact the two look VERY MUCH ALIKE face-wise. Difference is one's taller and the other isn't. Now it's time to throw in my favorite cliche that we won't be getting Akibaranger Season 3 at all! Instead, we're having the Korean series Vagabond instead where she's reunited with her co-star Lee Seung Gi.

Okay, I'm still yet to familiarize myself with Korean drama behind the scenes such as directors and writers. From what I heard it's head writer Jang Young Chul is actually an award-winning writer who has won best writer awards for KBS Drama Awards, 20th Korea PD Awards, 2011 38th Broadcasting Awards, and 2013 MBC Drama Awards. Hmmm I'm yet to see his other works before this one and this would probably be the first one I'd actually see for now.

So the plot of Vagabond involves the main character as an action sta…

Zi-O's Case Of A Ghost And A Destroyer Of Worlds Merged Into One Arc

Well it's time for that every two weeks update on Kamen Rider Zi-O. Personally, I'm having mixed reactions right now with Nobohiro Mouri. I enjoyed Kyuranger (a lot) but this one left me going "?!" more often than not -- as if Yasuko Kobayashi's use of time travel can create such convoluted stories such as Kamen Rider Den-O or Timeranger. This arc actually manages to outdo the Kamen Rider Fourze arc. While Sota Fukushi couldn't show up due to Bleach -- but we've got Masahiro Inoue, Shun Nishime and Ryosuke Yamamoto showing up.

So how is this a convoluted case? Well, the Time Jackers are still desperately looking for another king in the place of Zi-O. It has me wondering why are they desperate to do that/ Were they once bidding for world supremacy only for Demon King Zi-O to finally own them? This also creates a whole set of dilemmas especially when one of the Another Riders could die if the process were reversed. At the same time, it also has Sougo dying…