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This Song From Lavender Still Fills Me With Tears

Even if Lavender ended with a bad ending, why do I still want to rewatch it? I really love the writing and the musical scores. The opening song was really nice, this ending song is nice but it really has a sad meaning. It's so sad how the baby also dies with the mother. It's really sad to see how two childhood friends get reunited only to have a very short marriage together.

What's sad about this scene is that it's played with Yi Shin dying. Yes she's dying and I really felt sorry for the mother seeing both her daughters die at the end of the drama. I can't blame Leo for crying at the end of the scene. I'd be as sad as him if I were in his place. Tears, more tears and I still remember the sad way Lavender ended in a very predictable way.

Recalling The Time I Finished Watching The TV Series "Lavender"

I remembered how often I wasn't all that fond of sad stories but Lavender was one TV series that had me hooked for a reason. Was it because the main protagonist Yi Shin (played by Tammy Chen) was really that pretty? Maybe. Was it because even if knew it'd turn out to be a tragedy it was well-written with good character development? Maybe. But I can't really give all the explanations in the world why I even bothered to sit through it. But I guess it's a combination of good and bad reasons why I even bothered to finish watching Lavender.
The time I watched Lavender, I remembered a few tears that I cried watching it but not as much as I had them watching Dolphin Bay. I remembered crying in the starting scene when Yi Shin was frequently bullied and how the leading guy Qing Chuan always stood by her. It's sweet childhood that worked itself to adulthood but it's expected to be met in tragedy. Seeing Yi Shin's older sister die was bad enough, seeing her die in th…

How Often Are You Willing To Journey Into Qiong Yao's World?

After reading this entry by Jole Cole, I am wondering is it really that worth it journeying back and forth into Qiong Yao's World or stories that somewhat follow her style? My first exposure to Qiong Yao's World was the 2001 version of Romance in the Rain prior to the 1986 version. While the 2001 version of Romance in the Rain wasn't all that bad but the 1986 version really had some issues. Worse, the novel has been pretty much a story focusing on what goes around comes around.
So much of the stories actually show what's wrong with Chinese culture back then compared to today. Even while watching the 2001 version of Romance in the Rain, it can be shown how double standard was common among men. The story involves Lu Zhen Hua who freely marries then divorces any woman he desires then later, he beats his latest wife Xue Qin up when he discovered she had an affair with a smuggler named Wei Guang Xiong. Even if Xue Qin's affair was not justifiable but she certainly had …