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Vic Zhou in His Medical Attire as "Dr. Su Tai Ying" in 1945 Off the SHore

Here are some photos of Vic Zhou in his medical attire.  I would say he really looks great here as a wartime doctor.  Each of the pictures here display his sorrow and doubt as a doctor.

Vic Zhou's "The Other Shore 1945" Drama Screenshots in the Battlefield

Here are some screenshots of Vic Zhou's challenging role as "Dr. Su Tai Ying" in the battlefield.  These screenshots just are marvelously done with him in his uniform.
He looks like he's getting shot for betrayal or what?

A very confused man in the battlefield?

Taking orders perhaps?

Vic Zhou's Role as a Military Doctor His "Toughest Role"?

I have read from Asianfanatics from this article that Vic Zhou found the role of a military doctor in "The Other Shore 1945" his most challenging role of the strong and persevering military doctor that required LOTS of drama.  Kinda would remind me of Chin Han's roles or Kenny Bee's roles in older Qiong Yao type dramas.  He said, "In all of my acting career till now, this is the most challenging character, and it was also my first time acting in a war drama."  He was after all able to carry the lead roles in Silence as a dying man and a cop caught in a web in intrigue in Black and White or as a naive man in "The Last Night of Madame Chin", this role may be challenging but I think he's done well.