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I'm Now Watching Kamen Rider WIZARD!!!!!!

I decided to watch Kamen Rider Wizard from start to end where not anyone can learn wizardry... a far cry from most wizardry based shows.  So far, I am rewatching it from episode one though the last episode I saw was 16.  I'm watching the show and so far, it has gotten me more interested in it than ToQGer, note both ToQGer and Wizard are produced by Takaaki Utsunomiya.

Somehow I view Kamen Rider Wizard as the season that before Timmy Turner loses his Fairy Godparents, he ends up wishing, "I WISH I WAS A KAMEN RIDER!" then poof, we got Haruto.  I know it's a forced comparison but I always want to make fun of Haruto as a spin-off of Timmy Turner from Fairly Oddparents... did the guy also have stupid parents and an evil babysitter?  He learns several magic spells without even uttering too many words.

Now I have stupid reasons to watch the show... and one of them is for the cute Erina Nakayama.  IMO even with the cute appearance, the actress herself knows how to carry o…

What If Nomura From Killers Ran Into Makoto Kiryu From Houkago Groove!

While looking at the movie Killers where Rin Takanashi's character Hisae dies off-screen (man I just can't stand deaths like that and her little brother will starve), I just wanted to think of what if Nomura ran into Makoto Kiryu instead. I just thought of it since both characters are played by Rin Takanashi.

Chances are, I think Makoto Kiryu will still die or she will survive depending on circumstances. Note that Hisae is a fragile person while Makoto Kiryu canactually fight. I can imagine how circumstances will be especially if Nomura might actually try to victimize any of her female students into bed for the sake of art. If you look at it, Makoto Kiryu is a tough girl and she became a P.E. teacher who tries to encourage her student (who can't walk) not to give up. What I thought was Nomura may actually view her as a threat instead of being drawn to her but he might not easily think it that way. A genocidal killer might want to make her the latest art of sorts... maybe …

Kamen Rider Drive Is Still Getting More Interesting For Me As Of Late!

While I feel I am losing interest with Ninninger but Kamen Rider Drive is where I usually cope up with what I currently feel about Tokusatsu. While I felt Riku Sanjo wasn't good with Kyoryuger (no thanks to a lousy sexist producer) but for me, he's still fit to write Kamen Rider. Moving on... I think Kamen Rider Drive is really interesting me.

What I find funny is how Tomori's secret is out with the department and well, Chief Jun knew all the time? Wow, I wonder why the Asian culture has a habit of keeping secrets and slowly revealing it? With Tomori himself, I feel like the whole was shocked to discover that Chief Jun was in charge of the whole Drive. Later, the identity of Tomori is exposed though why am I now having the feeling that Tomori might be a Jiban 2.0.?! I'm just guessing but I'm having a feeling Tomori may not be human anymore. Again, it's just me SPECULATING... considering this show has a lighter feel than Jiban.

So there's the question of co…

How I Wish Hojo Got Carried Out in Kamen Rider Agito

Hojo is one character in Kamen Rider Agito I have mixed reactions towards because he frequently derailed the G3 Unit.  I just thought he's the show's version of Naoto Takizawa and many times, I wanted to strangle him yet I can also relate to him.  So what did I think of Hojo?  He's a very skilled detective of sorts but he has selfish agenda towards himself and mass jealousy towards the G3 Unit, which I can relate to because I can be the jealous type whenever somebody got the position I thought I deserved.  Note that this opinion came in after I watched Timeranger from start to end (painfully under Portugese subs and I had to rely on my little knowledge, synopsis, etc.) and some bad quality videos.

I felt Hojo should have been closer to this guy... Naoto Takizawa!

Sometimes, I tend to think Hojo is either a result of bad writing or two, he should have been Kamen Rider G3 FROM THE START.  I always felt that he should have been, "Well I'm G3, I'm the hero!" …