What If Nomura From Killers Ran Into Makoto Kiryu From Houkago Groove!

While looking at the movie Killers where Rin Takanashi's character Hisae dies off-screen (man I just can't stand deaths like that and her little brother will starve), I just wanted to think of what if Nomura ran into Makoto Kiryu instead. I just thought of it since both characters are played by Rin Takanashi.

Chances are, I think Makoto Kiryu will still die or she will survive depending on circumstances. Note that Hisae is a fragile person while Makoto Kiryu canactually fight. I can imagine how circumstances will be especially if Nomura might actually try to victimize any of her female students into bed for the sake of art. If you look at it, Makoto Kiryu is a tough girl and she became a P.E. teacher who tries to encourage her student (who can't walk) not to give up. What I thought was Nomura may actually view her as a threat instead of being drawn to her but he might not easily think it that way. A genocidal killer might want to make her the latest art of sorts... maybe to warn anyone not to stand in his way?

Possibilities are, Makoto might be depressed learning of all the girls who were killed in the name of art by some mad man. I don't think she might want to change Nomura but instead... I feel like she's probably going to face him on-hand. Perhaps her other worries would be taking care of her autistic brother and teaching the class to dance. She runs into Nomura who learns about her delinquency record and thinks she might humiliate him one way or another.

I personally think that a tough-ass chick like Makoto might actually stand a chance against Nomura... that is whether she lives or she dies, she could really care less although she has to take care of her autistic younger brother. She won't die so easily and if she has to die, she will die in battle. If she were to survive, she might actually use the stun gun that was given to her brother in battle. I could imagine Makoto actually killing Nomura in a badass duel. Or Makoto dies but not without a fight.

How Mo Brothers might end it might be a very grim picture considering they predictably killed Hisae and then Nomura. I could picture Nomura beating up Makoto to death but she won't go down so easily. Maybe, she might actually get whatever weapons there are and she decides that.... if she's dying, Nomura goes down as well. That is, just think of a scene where Makoto and Nomura both die in the same scene or... if there's complaints... Makoto survives and admits she killed Nomura in self-defense. She's later released from the scenes leaving a sexist Nomura a very humiliating death.

In my case, I'll let Makoto live and Nomura die... that is Makoto actually shoots him or something in an act of self-defense. She becomes a local town heroine but chooses not to be acknowledged as such, going back to her normal life as a P.E. teacher.


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