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Kamen Rider Zi-O, Agito And The Fight Against Fate

So I'm bit back on track after catching up with Kamen Rider Zi-O. I actually wanted to resume my Kamen Rider break because I want to check out other new school stuff but this one is again another nostalgia. Yes, it's Kamen Rider Agito -- perhaps one of those puzzling, mysterious Kamen Riders that inserts several plots and layers of revelations that would get me to sit down wanting more. Then I think about how I wish it were still a direct sequel to Kamen Rider Kuuga -- the whole reason why Toei decided not to do is just stupid IMHO. Come on, did Destron's appearance make the work of the first Kamen Rider for naught? I thought it'd be nice if Yuusuke saw danger coming again but seeing Agito makes him smile once more -- confident that someone else will do his job even when he's no longer around. Now back on topic on the Kamen Rider Agito arc of Kamen Rider Zi-O!

Is it me or do I tend to have an extreme favoritism towards the episodes written by Nobohiro Mouri? Grant…

My Recent Thoughts On A Random Kamen Rider Survey From Eigaland

Preparing for the entrance of Kamen Rider Zi-O into the Reiwa era is no small task. Now it's time to consider the Heisei era Riders (not counting the 90s movies or Black RX which started in the Showa era but ended in the Heisei era). UkiyaSeed also shows the latest results from Eigaland which has the following ten Kamen Rider seasons of the Heisei era -- according to a survey of 8,048 participants ranging from ages 10 to 60 (I guess parents and grandparents of Kamen Rider children fans decided to participate). That's pretty random if you ask me considering that age does affect preference!

Top ten are as follows:
Kamen Rider Den-OKamen Rider KuugaKamen Rider AgitoKamen Rider RyukiKamen Rider KabutoKamen Rider 555Kamen Rider FourzeKamen Rider WKamen Rider DriveKamen Rider Ex-Aid
Den-O is number one? I really feel that's just either surprising or was it that popular? Granted, Takeru Sato has had a huge career not only as a Kamen Rider but also as Rurouni Kenshin. Heck, a four…

My Recent Thoughts On Kamen Rider Zi-O This April 12, 2019

"If you're bored with something you like then why not do something else?" is what I was trying to do with Kamen Rider Zi-O. So I took a bit of a break to focus on Ryusoulger and Ashes of Love. But I started saying, "Well what have I missed?" with Kamen Rider Zi-O. So I decided to do some marathon after weeks of slowing down (and I may slow down again depending on the circumstances BECAUSE well there's new school stuff out there) but it's not safe to say I'm not taking a bit of a break in between AGAIN. I mean, I just feel a break from Kamen Rider Zi-O every now and then has helped ease my mind.
I thought that a four-partner that featured Hiryu Kakogawa as Another Zi-O was a nice spin. This has me criticize something I truly like. I felt that the Time Jacker trio is actually a little more competent than the Gorgom Priest Trio in trying to find another king. They wouldn't be too focused on half-brained plans for world domination like Shocker woul…

Wake Up The Viewer! Kamen Rider Black RX VS. Kamen Rider Decade Random Rant!

Kamen Rider Black RX and Kamen Rider Decade -- two shows that I really find to be quite hated or loved with almost no middle ground. It's like I do experience people who love Decade and beat me up for my rather negative opinion about it -- I guess you do realize I love calling it as the "sequel" of Saban's Mashed Rider (which is an Old Shame) and defending it to saying, "But Decade has lot of good special effects! Better budget! Shinkenger's crossover with Decade is miles better than MMPR's crossover with Mashed Rider!" and I agree. But I thought of Decade's sudden cancellation at 31 episodes is probably due to bad audience reception. If there's the RX Meltdown then there's also the Decade Meltdown too.

So what's with the RX Meltdown? I admit I'm inspired to write this post because of Shogo B'Stard's latest post is Black RX related -- I know he really doesn't like the series and we've had differences such as I'…

Rider Kicking With Heisei Era Riders

The Heisei era is truly coming to an end and Kamen Rider Zi-O (like Kamen Rider Black RX) will soon be the first Heisei Rider that will have to fit into the Reiwa era -- all before a pure born Reiwa Kamen Rider will be born. The Heisei era of Kamen Rider started in 2000 and will end in 2019. So 2019 may be the birth of the first true Reiwa era Kamen Rider, right?

So how is the whole Heisei era? I admit I did take a break from Kamen Rider then I did a marathon from one series after the other. I only saw bits and pieces of some Kamen Rider series aired on GMA-7, TV-5 and ABS-CBN which I could remember such as Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Blade, Kamen Rider Hibiki, Kamen Rider Kabuto and Kamen Rider W -- I didn't care too much about new school Kamen Rider or Super Sentai back then because I was more interested in old school shows (which I tend to be while embracing other new shows) than new school shows when it came to Toku. I was more fixated at first with seeing Super Sentai sho…

Runyu's Tragic Story With His Mother Suli

So what's the life of an immortal or even an Elder God gotta be, right? So I did resume watching Ashes of Love after some time (and I'm barely half of it) but I've got into the part where Runyu discovers his screwed up heritage. Suli is a bitchy woman but we finally realize one thing -- it's because of the Heavenly Empress Tuyao' cruelty where the Dragon Fish clan was exterminated. So it's no surprise that Runyu was born with horns due to his mother's side.

The story of infidelity is there again as Heavenly Emperor Taiwei frequently cheats on his wife. He managed to defile Zifen and would later take out his frustration on Suli. I don't blame Suli to why she's that crazy and wants to exterminate the protagonist Xufeng. Okay, that doesn't justify what she does but I somehow sympathize with what happened to her. Who wouldn't go crazy seeing your whole clan die like that because of some mad woman's scheme? Tuyao is really that spiteful isn&#…

Vagabond Tentatively Delayed To September 2019?

Okay is this bad news or not? I just read that Vagabond's broadcast will be delayed to September 2019 for rather valid reasons which reveals as follows according to Soompi:

The premiere date for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s upcoming spy drama “Vagabond” has been pushed back. A source stated to Sports Chosun that the delay is due to issues with the filming schedule and a pending deal with Netflix.

“Vagabond” had been scheduled to air in May after the conclusion of SBS’s “Big Issue,” but has been replaced with “Absolute Boyfriend,” a drama adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series of the same name. “Absolute Boyfriend” stars Yeo Jin Goo, Girl’s Day’s Minah, and Hong Jong Hyun, and has already completed filming.

The premiere date for “Vagabond” is now tentatively set for September. Filming is still ongoing for the drama, which held its first table reading in June last year and had a plan to go on-air first at the end of 2018, and then in May 2019.

“Vagabond” is a 25 billion won (approx…