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Wishful Thinking: Jerry Yan Pairings I Could Think of for Qiongyao Drama

Seeing Jerry Yan's gotten the more mature image for drama, so I thought here's the following girls he could get paired with especially for Qiong Yao novels:

For a start, I thought if he gets paired with Liu Yi Fei, it might be a temporary "revival" of Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua in them having that chemistry and appearance.  Maybe Jerry Yan might be able to catch Qin Han's character's feel better than Vic Chou though the latter can still do.  My suggestion might be either they get paired for Seagull's Home, Courtyard or Across the Water.  Well it might be something if they did either drama which belonged to the original pair then we can have Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua promote them.

Esther Liu could be good.  Hmmm maybe reenact any of the Qin Han/Lin Feng Jiao or Qin Han/Brigitte Lin moments?  Maybe not.

Penny Lin- The other Lin.  I think she and Jerry Yan can redo any of the Qin Han/Lin Feng Jiao pairings.

My Thoughts on the Kamen Rider Club

Well here's my thoughts on the individuals of the Kamen Rider Club.  It pretty much is about growing up, making mistakes and moving on.  Now what I thought of the members...

1.) Gentaro Kisaragi/Fourze- He's the typical "bad boy" image with the heart of gold, quite naive and wants to be friends with everyone. Again, another unlikely hero and he's pretty much comedic for me.  His "Grease" image would remind me of John Travolta's 80s character.  Is it me or does he dress too much like the 80s?  His determination to be friends with everyone can be a fatal flaw as he can be too trusting which is a weakness in many people.  Despite that weakness, I really still like the guy!  For me, I do think that his cheery enthusiasm is one of the many reasons why I like him, something I wish I had more of.

2.) Kengo Utahoshi- While I initially disliked him but I grew to accept his role in a short amount of time as he was what I'd call the boy genius or the Jimm…

Current Thoughts on Faiz for April 24, 2013

It's a hard to admit thing but Faiz is really one of the those quite harder to digest shows for me though it's not as bad as Decade.  SO far I am enduring it up to episode 27 and I still think there's still some cool drama though it's not as exciting as Agito was and I still like the rainbow world of Kiva better.  So compared to Agito and Kiva, it's darker.  This is where I think Toshiki Inoue as a head writer needed to brace impact.  I would admit I am already getting used to Keitaro and Mari, though I think I'll have to try and endure Delta when he arrives.

Yuka's sort of a "laxative" to the show for me which is giving me "mental indigestion".  Heck, but I guess this one and I have pictures of her in my Oriental Fanatics Celebrities blog.  But as said, I really just thought I am stuck in superficiality as a way to digest this show.

For the Orphonoch, why are they all gray like stone?  I just looked at the Orphonochs so this is a bat…

Movie Review: Kamen Rider Fourze The Movie- It's Space Time

Well this is my first Kamen Rider movie review, I might do a more detailed review of Ryuki's alternate ending but I'll start with this.  It's time for the first review and this feature film was pretty much a little bit odd but I still liked it.  So the opening scene begins with Foundation X going to receive the Twelve switches of the Horoscopes from Gamou, Keiko Hayase does a small part.  Inga Blink who's not really my type is fun to watch as she performs kicks.  At school, Gentaro tries to be friends with a computer which is stupid. Utsugi Sensei calls them and they are alerted.  I just loved the action sequences involved or the fact that Ayumi Kinoshita made an appearance as the character Asuka- she's an awesome actress.  Well, the Kamen Rider Club is set on a mission where they are supposedly set for space.  There's the bus scene which they are going to go to the "secret headquarters" and the fight with Inga Blink.  There's also the short came…

Dopants vs. Zodiarts: A Comparison

While I had a friendly critique discussion with Fantasy Leader, I would agree that Fourze has W elements in it.  Here's the more intriguing part namely a comparison between Dopants and Zodiarts in areas of similarities:

Rin Takanashi for Houkago Grove

I was watching the trailer and so far, it seems kind of funny. The plot is where Rin Takanashi goes from hot biker babe to a hot physical education teacher (who can't dance).  As far as I think, this might be her being funny... well she's done her bitchy part in "Love for Beginners", she's had some funny scenes in Shinkenger and now for this...

I do find this pretty funny.  Well Rin's pretty funny herself.

Movie Review: Super Hero Taisen

I had just finished viewing Super Hero Taisen and seriously, I'll really write a review that's really what I'd call a series of mixed emotions that came along the way.  At first, I was pretty excited at the concept of Super Sentai and Kamen Riders joining together, I mean Decade's crossover with Shinkenger succeeded where Saban's Mashed Rider failed but apparently this film is what I'd call as if Shoji Yunemura really teaming up with a bunch of morons to write this and for Shinichiro Shirakura, he just wants to make everything look cool when in fact it's nothing more than childish fan wars in the beginning.  This is a lengthy review on how much I really hate this crossover!

Nice aesthetics, nice concepts but eventually it's ruined by bad writing to a huge extent!  It's just like Operation Overdrive's got a nice concept of the Corona Aurora but ends up being one of the worst seasons because of the way it was written.  Now only if we can all avoi…

I Hope I Live Through Faiz!

Well thanks to the legendary critic of fiction, the Fantasy Leader I just thought I'll give Faiz a second chance like I did with Ryuki.  Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as Decade (OUCH!) but I have my busy schedules to meet.  Now it's time to get some tuna sandwich as I watch this series! =P

Series Review: Love Storm

Well I never thought I would do this but I should start writing some bad reviews as well.  Before I watch Faiz or do a review, I would like to do a review on the disaster that is Love Storm.  It's so bad I can't really watch it.  It stars Vivian Xu as the spoiled brat Jia Le, Vic Chou as Liu Ying Fong and Ken Chu as Bao Long.  Sure the story has some interesting twists but all I can say poor acting ruined the story which could have been done better.  And also the story is pretty stupid the start with.  So where do I begin?  It starts with Jia Le seeing her aunt run away with all people a MAFIA?  Stupid.  And it does get dumber when Jia Le is one obnoxious brat which the situation is made worse by Vivian Xu's very low quality acting, Vic Chou that time was hardly convincing (he was still on the way to being polished) and Ken Chu is pretty corny and not convincing here.  If I'm to talk, Jia Le does get annoying with her talking, acting, UGH!  Really, Vivian Xu does give …

Series Review: Kamen Rider Fourze

Well I never thought I'd write another review.  This time it's SPACE TIME!  Now it's time to talk about Kamen Rider Fourze- doing a teenager based Kamen Rider right where Saban's Mashed Rider got it wrong.  Sure there are people who didn't like this series, yes I agree it has its flaws but moving on.  Now the story starts with a great mystery at Amanogawa High School.  Gentarou our hero has a "bad boy" image while there's Kengo that geeky guy who seems to have a heart problem and bubbly Yuki.  Gentarou wants to be friends with everyone and the formation of the secret organization of teenagers called the Kamen Rider Club.  Ha ha, eat your heart out Dex of Mashed Rider!  Now where was I?  So he's the unexpected hero who one day becomes Fourze to defend the school from the Zodiarts.

The Zodiarts are students who were mysteriously given switches but by who?  There's the mystery part there compared to W's already known mystery of the Museum (w…

The Strangest Revelation in Fourze: Tachibana is Virgo Zodiarts?

This is the cliche trope of "In order to deceive your enemies, you must deceive your friends first."  So I really thought of the purpose of Ryusei had as Meteor.  Also I'd dare say this plot is pretty much similar to the Shroud giving Ryu the power to Accel.  For one, I thought Virgo was a woman due to having a feminine voice and two, I even thought Tachibana was an android and it just got even more WTF in some way when I discovered all three were the same person.  So we know Emoto is both Tachibana and Virgo.  So we realize that he has to be such a good actor in his quest to finish off the Zodiarts.  What I thought was that Kengo was very forgiving even if Emoto killed the latter's father.  What was also surprising was that the "Dark Nebula" was nothing more than a place of sanctuary for those "banished "there as Ryusei and Tomoko return.

Ending was also pretty touching when they buried Emoto in the moon after he is killed by Sagittarius Zodiart…

Qiong Yao Dramas I'd Like to Try Watching

While I'm currently enjoying this generation's Chinese drama, however I cannot just let go of the idea of watching Qiong Yao.  A movie was made on it.  If I'm not wrong this was where Qin Han meets Liu Xue Hua who plays two characters- the one with the heart problem and he later falls for the missing twin, also played by Liu Xue Hua!  Pretty much, it's a mystery to the characters Liu Xue Hua plays in here.  I guess this should get a remake soon with Jerry Yan and Liu Yi Fei playing the characters of Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua.  Hmmm it might be nice to see Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua act as parenting parents- Qin Han as Jerry Yan's father and Liu Xue Hua as Liu Yi Fei's mother or Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua as Jerry Yan's parents and Bridgette Lin as Liu Yi Fei's mother.  Now I wonder if we can get Joan Lin to also play a part after her long retirement.

Another is Courtyard Deeply.  This could be a metaphor of love is blind.  What pretty intrigues me is that Qin H…

How I Assume Naruhisa Arakawa Would Have Written Kamen Rider Kiva?

I do like Kiva yes but I thought that Naruhisa Arakawa could have done a better job than Toshiki Inoue in writing it.  And here's what I think could happen but is all pretty hypothetical to me:

I just thought he might actually give Wataru a better buildup from the time he's "allergic to the world" in his mind then he might make it a little slower to give it good development.  Well, he might even try to examine his past funny characters and then try something new before making Wataru come to life.

For Nago, he might make Nago better than he was at Kiva.  I didn't have much complains about Nago since I myself can think like he does but with Arakawa, I think Nago might get a more unique personality than being a poorly done Gai Yuki rip-off.

He might actually have lesser plot holes in between 1986 and 2008.  I mean Yuri's death wasn't explained or who in the world is Megumi's father.  Megumi would also be spared from marrying Nago too because that final…

How Kamen Rider Agito Improved Kuuga's Bright Start for Kamen Rider?

So I'm done discussing about Kuuga's starting the revolution.  So I can't even call Agito perfect but it did manage to really help strengthen the revolution that Kuuga started via Toshiki Inoue who sadly later didn't write works as good as this one. =(  Moving on, what do I say really made Agito improve where Kuuga left of with some diamonds unearthed?  Kuuga started the bounty, Agito did the finishing job on the remaining diamonds.

I should star with the allies.  Arakawa began rubbing off the rough surfaces Black RX left behind leaving some shine but too bad, as said we can't really get anything 100%.  So Inoue managed to maintain the roles of allies while adding some varnish of deeper involvement that is backstory-wise finishing my estimate of 20% of the dullness of what Naruhisa Arakawa wasn't able to able to remove so he finished the job.  The best part has to be Mana's backstory and the Agito seed people getting woven, that is making Arakawa's all…

Wishful Thinking: Yuen Suet Surviving and Then Killing Yuet in Dragon Squad

While watching the Dragon Squad movie I thought these two could have really been utilized by Daniel Lee namely...
Yuen Suet acted by Eva Huang
Yuet acted by Maggie Q
I really thought it would have been nice if Yuet's death was caused by Yuen Suet herself.  But too bad Yuen Suet was killed by the script TOO EARLY for me.  I mean Eva Huang's one of those badass hotties I enjoy watching and it was a shame that she was killed so soon in this film which is making me give a HUGE MINUS on this film.  I would have wanted the death of Yuet to be done by Yuen Suet herself and she survives for the end while they have all the shooting attack against each other.  But sigh, such wasted potential!  To be honest, how I wish this film was written by Jeff Lau (the writer of So Close) instead!  If anybody should have killed by Yuet, it should have been any of the lower males or females in the police force we don't know about and if anybody should have killed Yet, it should have been Yuen Su…

Vanness Wu vs. Vic Zhou: Who's the Better Policeman?

So far only two F4 members were really able to film some police action. I'd like to comment on them:

Vanness Wu first had his police script in Dragon Squad. So far I didn't enjoy much of his character being poorly developed (in my opinion) and it was more on chases, chases and more chases. But that time, Vic Zhou didn't show much improvement then.

Vic Zhou starred in a suspense series called "Black and White" with Mark Zhao as his sidekick. He showed more emotion in the script from a zero to a hero type of character. Also, he had a rather impressive fight scene towards the end or how he got flexible with the roles he needed too. I think I like his performance better. :-P

Movie Review: Dragon Squad

Getting past Sky Runner, Vanness Wu takes the major challenge of being a cop.  I had my thoughts on this film, nice choreography, intense plot but for me, it's not really much.  Vanness Wu's not a terrible performer but he's just really not that good in his role as Officer Wang.  Moving on- I really thought this film had a great beginning but had some very bad stuff in it that I'd like to raise.  So where do I start?

Hong Kong's police interpol against the mafia ran by Petros Angelo (Michael Biehn) which I thought was cool but really, the rest were pretty forgettable for me except for the hot chick Yuen Suet (Huang Sheng Yi).  Sammo Hung's character as Kong Long was also forgettable for me as well.  Shawn Yue I never cared about him much either.  This one of Daniel Lee's thrillers but I wonder if I can consider it a real masterpiece or not.  So what's the big deal?  So this Petros guy is SO SICK he even forcibly cuts the ear of a rival mafia hostage a…

Movie Review: Future X Cop

Now it's time for another review.  So this is one movie I'd say maybe Yasuko Kobayashi would like the concept it with Wong Jing's writing.  So far, this film is what got me pretty mixed since I'm starting to dislike time travel plots after seeing Kamen Rider Den-O.  Moving on, it's the year 2080 and he travels back to 2020 to stop a band of criminals.  Andy Lau plays the role of a cyborg from the future which gives the impression of both Robocop and Terminator.  Zhizhao is a detective from the future who loses his family namely his wife Mei Li (played by Fan Bing Bing) and Kiki (played by Xu Jiao).

 So the head terrorist Ka Long (Louis Fan) really, really I mean really is one badass villain but too bad this film soon fell into just one mess.  The mission is to stop the cyborg terrorists from destroying the future when they attempt to kill Professor Ma in the pat, that was 2020.  So why not 2010?  Bothers me but still, moving on.... and I do agree with ChrisX/NJB t…