How I Assume Naruhisa Arakawa Would Have Written Kamen Rider Kiva?

I do like Kiva yes but I thought that Naruhisa Arakawa could have done a better job than Toshiki Inoue in writing it.  And here's what I think could happen but is all pretty hypothetical to me:

I just thought he might actually give Wataru a better buildup from the time he's "allergic to the world" in his mind then he might make it a little slower to give it good development.  Well, he might even try to examine his past funny characters and then try something new before making Wataru come to life.

Nago Keisuki
For Nago, he might make Nago better than he was at Kiva.  I didn't have much complains about Nago since I myself can think like he does but with Arakawa, I think Nago might get a more unique personality than being a poorly done Gai Yuki rip-off.

Aso Megumi
He might actually have lesser plot holes in between 1986 and 2008.  I mean Yuri's death wasn't explained or who in the world is Megumi's father.  Megumi would also be spared from marrying Nago too because that finale was just so silly it's hilarious.

He might really figure out how to stop these two from lingering around for too long.

Any more?  Please comment! =)


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