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Series Review: Green Forest My Home

So here's another TV drama I overlooked for reviewing namely Green Forest My Home.  This was another stage in Chinese beauty Esther Liu's stage as a TV drama actor.  Now here's a typical drama story but somehow cuts through Qiong Yao's stereotypes to give you a good ending.  The start of the story is where Sophie has her promise to her "prince charming" William who leaves for England.  She is stuck in a love triangle between two guys- William and the other guy Owen.  For William, she is also stuck in a love triangle for him with her adopted sister Susan whose biological family was of their driver's.

Well I do have to admit I really hated Susan at first with her scheming attitude but that mellows down since she's not all that antagonistic.  She had her lover Brian, who is William's executive.  I thought the whole story here is where Sophie is a proud teacher of the pre-school Green House and has to compete with the prestigious university she is la…

Looking at Dolphin Bay's Main Love Triangle: Xerya vs. Xiaogang

Well it's not really time for me to discuss about this or is it?  I just felt seeing me and my best friend over a girl who he won.  So where does this love triangle begin?

Xerya's well he's an unknown orphan who has no relation to the Hsu family believing himself to be the bastard son of the family.  In the past, he met Tian Bian at the St. Teresa' Orphanage where the two started a childhood friendship.  Tian Bian was the bastard child of the Hsu family's patriarch which disgraced the whole family.  Xerya kept searching for her from childhood.  Looking at it, they have known each other since childhood and Xerya well, is a better character than the other guy Xiaogang.

On the other hand we have the Hsiaogang/Tianbian pairing.  So while Xerya is engaged to his adoptive sister Shanni but the real suspense was to who gets the girl. If you think of Xiaogang he's pretty crude and rude (he is a picture of me in a way) and Tianbian is meek and quiet.  Yet in Xiaogang…

Some of My Favorite Chinese Drama On-Screen Couples

Here's a list of my favorite Chinese drama couples namely:

Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu- In Meteor Garden, they became an item for two seasons though they never dated in real life.  For Jerry Yan, he has the charisma of senior actor Qin Han and for Barbie Xu, she has the charisma of Liu Xue Hua.  Too bad they never got beyond Meteor Garden.  I mean they could have actually made a good couple for Qiong Yao TV drama.that was previously done by Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua.

Vic Chou and Barbie Xu- They had a short relationship that didn't last.  I did think that in Mars, they really had a good chemistry.  While they didn't become a match in Meteor Garden, in Mars they did.

Vic Chou and Michelle Chen- I love their performance in "Wish to See You Again" in a rather lighthearted romance series.  But I'd like to see them do serious.

Vic Chou and Fan Bing Bing- While I'm to complain to how incredibly teary eyed Last Night of Madam Chin was but the two had their chemistry. …

Movie Review: Like Someone in Love

So this is really one film I watched for Rin Takanashi but overall, it's pretty bizarre and just didn't get my interest.  The role of Rin here is the hot high end prostitute Akiko who is dating Noriaki.  Really, I just thought the morals here are pretty loose.  So Akiko gets sent to be a client to an elderly guy named Takashi a much older professor who is more interested in making dinner than intimacy (phew) but still, disgusting considering the age gap.

This results to a series of complication which makes me think about the real condition of people here.  For Akiko why does she choose to be a prostitute than choose any other job?  Does she have any budgeting problems?  I guess the whole film does highlight the degeneracy issue of just anybody, no race involved.  I would say that even as a fan of Rin Takanashi, I didn't like her taking that role!

For Noriaki, it really is something that he doesn't know he's dating a prostitute and he later discovers that.  If I w…