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Some Thoughts on Forbidden Love's Romance

For Forbidden Love, it talks about the story of the Nine-Tailed Fox clan who are actually monsters who can disguise as humans and there's Shi Yeon who despite being a nine-tailed fox, she despises the activities of eating human flesh and all that.  Shi Yeon works as an employee in a history museum by day while she is a monster at night in getting internal organs of humans which the clan feeds on.  Then she falls in love with Kang Min Hoo who has been assigned to track down the organ trafficking trade to feed these monsters.  What happens later is despite the fact that Kang Min Hoo discovers that his girlfriend Shi Yeon was actually a monster, he still loves her.  Of course, it was expected to have a bad ending due to the title beign "Forbidden Love".

Sentai Stars in Prince of Tennis

Here are Sentai stars who appeared in Prince of Tennis as far as I can remember:

Hiroki Aiba

Hiroki Suzuki

Ryuji Sainei

Yasuka Saito

Hirofumi Araki

Tagaki Shinpei

Hamao Kyousuke

Hosogai Kei

Missed any? Let me know!

Movie Review: The Vampire Effect

If there's any vampire movie I'd say is chock full of hyper action, it's this movie called "The Vampire Effect" which stars Ekin Cheng (as the vampire hunter Reeve), Edison Chen (who is a harmless vampire who can't suck blood, poor fella, named Kazaf), Gillian Chung (as Gypsy, Reeve's new partner after his first one dies as shown in the opening) and Charlene Choi (as Helen the shrill character).  I got to admit for a horror film, it wasn't THAT scary as all the martial arts was there and it certainly showed how a remake of Blade can be done.  So now I'll talk about how nice this film is and it's nice to have Jacky Chan in a cameo.  
So what's the real deal behind this?  An evil vampire named Duke Dekotes (played by Swiss martial artist Mickey Hardt, who to my delight trained with Donnie Yen) has been getting the royal blood of the royal vampires, Kazaf being the last he'll never need to open the "Day for Night" which will gr…