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Remaking Qiong Yao... My Wishful Love Teams!

The words Qiong Yao actually trigger the names of senior actors like Qin Han, Liu Xue Hua (who I really get excited whenever I hear she's playing a mother role) or Brigitte Lin.  Now for my ideal love teams for Qiong Yao...

I won't mind Vic Chou and Fan Bingbing being paired for a second time.

Jerry Yan and Liu Yi Fei.  Well I'd want to avoid overusing them but making a series based on Red Dust and remaking Zai Shui Yi Fang would be good.

Jerry Yan and Esther Liu- Another bigger age gap of 11 years but could still work.

If we want a closer age gap, we can have Vic Chou and Liu Yi Fei.  Liu Yi Fei is only six years younger than Vic Chou.

Vic Chou and Esther Liu.  Both could make a good chemistry as well.

Series Review: Houkago Groove

Well here's Rin Takanashi's first lead role and here she is the P.E. teacher Makoto Kiryu.  So she starts off as a delinquent but changes for the better which for me, I really prefer her playing the badass bitch role rather than the flirty bitch at times.  Hmmm while I thought either Nao Nagasawa or Ayumi Kinoshita may have played the role better but hey, let's give Rin a chance shall we?  While she's no Oscar trophy winner or anything but she does pull off the job.

So as a P.E. teacher for the whole ten episode J-Drama, I thought the drama itself the student life which reminds me of Gokusen (which I haven't watched the second and third seasons).  She becomes a teacher with the focus of these newbies namely Kiyoharu, Itcho, Minoru, Kotaro (who's pretty short for his age), Chinatsu (who loses her ability to walk), Emi and Aoi who are usually overshadowed by Chinatsu.  Chinatsu herself as a character is interesting considering she lost her ability to walk and Mak…

Just Started Watching Houkago Groove

Well after some time to find some online streaming, I found it but no subs.  Boo!  Well, anyway, I'd rather watch it raw than dubbed.  So what do I think about it?  Here's my two cents and I'm up to episode four for now:

The part where Rin plays the delinquent is kinda funny.  Okay she's not really all that spectacular when it comes to action but at least she did it right.

Her role as a school teacher is amusing.  Well she's improved beyond her role as Mako Shiraishi.

Other than that, the whole drama feels more like eye candy to me. =P

Movie Review: Tea Fight

Well I'm back for this blog after some this blog has been inactive.  I guess it's time for me to review the Chinese/Japanese film called Tea Fight.  As a tea drinker, I found the movie interesting and maybe some people really don't like it but I find it kind of cute in its way.  So we begin with Erika Toda who is the main character Mikiko who has her admirer in Murano.  So the other character is Vic Chou who I thought was the leading guy but he is sort of the antagonist (not really in this script) together with Taiwanese talent Janine Chang as Ruhua (whose acting really stands out compared to the rest) and some short minor role by senior actor Eric Tsang.  The film is written by Akane Yamada and Wang Yemin making it a Chinese/Japanese film.

Storywise, it is pretty weird but watchable.  I thought of WTF about the battle of tea?  Why fight over tea?  We have the so-called curse of male black tea and female black tea and well, I'm a black tea fan myself and all this &quo…