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Erika Toda for "Shotenin Michiru no mi no ue Banashi"

Here are some screenshots of Erika Toda for "Shotenin Michiru no mi no ue Banashi" which I would consider would be in my critique list. =)

Three Great F4 Series This Year...

I just thought despite the fact F4 looks like it has disbanded, I still like them.  So far, here's their three individual series to watch this year...

Vanness Wu x Joan Tseng in the TV drama "Ti Amo" which is about chocolates.  Okay there's kind of the Coffee Prince theme to it but it looks pretty cute and interesting, especially Joan Tzeng is kind of cute even if I don't find her on the hot side.  I just thought this is a what if you paired Ryosuke Kaizo (Red Mask) with Sayuri Uchida (Blue Swallow) and these guys ended up doing it.

Vic Zhou in "Home".  It's pretty much one of the more serious sides of him after "Black and White", "Wish to See You Again" and "The Last Night of Madame Chin".  I feel like this is one of those Chiung Yao like shows and he's playing the roles similar to Sun Xiao Zhong (Chin Han of Taiwan).  I pretty wished that Chin Han would appear here as his father or something.  I really like his i…

Just Wanting to Check Out "Hua Luo Hua Kai"

Hua Luo Hua Kai  or in English "Flower Falls, Flower Blooms" to which stars Chin Han (Sun Xiao Zhong) and the lovely Yue Ling (sadly she retired, I wish she would act as a parent in any newer drama, maybe as Esther Liu's mom perhaps?) which tackles on a woman who's dumped by her ex-husband ends up finding love in the most unexpected way.  I just thought that Chin Han still has his charm here despite the fact he was already moving into the background due to age related reasons.  Despite the fact that Chin Han would be better off acting as Jerry Yan's father (I wish he did!!!!) he's still a classic to watch.  And as of current, his pictures show he's still kind of handsome for an old guy.  Now only if I can see the picture of his family in the recent years.  I just thought it'd be weird if Jerry Yan would be cast in Chin Han's role in a remake if a remake of this series happens.