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Vic Zhou Doing Sun Xiang Zhong's Type of Roles

I'm not a bit surprised about Vic Zhou being cast into the rather intense story of "Last Night of Madame Chin", which I think could be a remake of old Chinese dramas my late grandma watched when I was little. With the setting being in 1930s British China, the more I feel like Vic Zhou has "Chin Han" roles.  The Taiwanese actor "Chin Han" or Sun Xiao Zhong.

The new image of Vic Zhou as a drama star you can take seriously. I can see him able to do Chin Han's parts in a different way.

Flashing as a 1930s gentleman, it kind of reminds me of Chin Han in older films and series.

I honestly think Vic Zhou is really able to be "Chin Han" in this role with Fan Bing Bing. I can see the old Chin Han and Liu Xue Hua scripts again in these scenes.

The dance scene is kind of really old but classic. Chin Han was famous for ballroom too.

Why do I imagine I'm watching "Courtyard" when I see this "wedding scene" he has with Fan Bing Bin…

Vic Zhou and Michelle Chen's Chemistry in "Wish to See You Again"

The thing is I always felt like that when I was seeing "Wish to See You Again" I was just thankful that Michelle Chen was able to blend in well with the show even if I don't find her attractive (but she's kind of cute). Why? She manages to actually get the charm out of Vic Zhou. Everything just came out naturally with the two of them, one between a weirdo writer and the other your girl next door type who's lucky to find her lover.

So I kind of thought that ever since disc 1, the two got me hooked because the story was kind of interesting especially with the twists and turns and how their two characters slowly developed their relationship and the two deny their feelings for some time until they can't hold it much longer. And of course, their characters weren't what you'd expect to come out together, that is until a serious misadventure with an annoying child brought them together.

Michelle Chen obviously displayed natural acting compared to Vivian Hsu …

Vic Zhou in His Role in Chinese Soaps

If I can say, I remembered some time in my life as a Chinese series fan that he started out as an underrated actor. Why? Back then, he didn't display much of his hidden talent. So his characters in Meteor Garden and Poor Prince fits him well. However given a more serious role in Love Storm but it was just a flop. It was because of that he was called "questionable talent" and in God Mars, well he was just okay.

However there was always room for improvement and that he really could act. So I did spit at him after watching Love Storm due to his poor performance and received similar opinion from others that he was only good for comic relief, however in Silence where it was his first serious moment (non-comedic) he had shown much hidden talent which wasn't manifested early in show business. Even Delicious Relationships showed he had improved.

Tea Fight was a great improvement from Linger. Linger well he was still practicing to be better. In Tea Fight, he was no longer the p…

Vic Zhou in the Drama "Home"

Vic Zhou's drama "Home" is a multiple language movie which features Hokkien, Niponggo and Mandarin.  Hmmm what a production!
The first one features Janine Zhang's side where we hear Mandarin and Hokkien.
This second one features Vic Zhou speaking in the Taiwanese dialect.
The third one features both Japanese and Mandarin.

Zhen Xiu Zhen as a Good Mother

Well it's only natural that the actresss Zhen Xiu Zhen who plays protagonistic roles when she was younger, later played the live adaptation of Doumyoji Kaede/Dao Ming Feng the antagonist of Meteor Garden, she would play a good mother in Angel's Wings.  To be honest, I would probably cry for her character here as much as I hated her character in Meteor Garden for being a bitch.  Quite a huge contrast.  Seriously though, I wish she played as Yun Niang's mother-in-law in Yun Niang but Liu Xue Hua (who can be confused as her) did a good job as well.  I would like to watch this drama and see how she does her part as an abused daughter-in-law.  Maybe she did take the part of an abused daughter-in-law after all.

Dolphin Bay Rivalry

I remembered Dolphin Bay's rivalry between Ambrose Xu and Wallace Huo. To be plain honest, I find myself as the losing party over the winning one. Hard to admit it but I have a friend that sort of looks like Ambrose Xu but weirdly has Vanness Wu's complexion.

Each one had a different character portrayed- Ambrose Xu plays as the main lead who is adopted into a family that he has no relations to and the childhood friend of Angela Zhang. Wallace Huo is quite "antagonistic" in many ways and honestly, I remembered my severe misadventure with that friend of mine over a girl who looks like a rat.

There is always MUCH emotional punch between the two characters and the whole irritating part for me is that WHY does the character of Wallace Huo hit me so much? Ah maybe it's because I have that really BAD temper which Ambrose Xu doesn't have which reminds me of my friend who looks like him.

I remembered the times when I cheered so much to dance whenever Wallace Huo'…

Vicki Zhao's Version of Yan Yu Meng Meng

I was thinking that remakes aren't always bad.  Take for example one of my favorite actresses Vicki Zhao's rendition of Liu Xue Hua's character Lu Yi Ping in the Chiung Yao drama "Yan Yu Meng Meng" or "Romance in the Rain" which was renamed as "Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng".  Leo Ku did a good job as Chin Han's character He Shu Shuan although I dare say, in a different way.  Chin Han is Chin Han (and I want to see Chin Han acts as Jerry Yan's dad they kinda look like father and son).  So I just guess this is still a good remake and I might soon list my favorite remakes.