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Esther Liu Doing Liu Xue Hua Type Roles?

I honestly feel like Esther Liu has been doing some Liu Xue Hua roles after Westside Story. Here's where I think where she does those Liu Xue Hua type roles which I think is coming out naturally.

She starred in Chinese Paladin as Ah Nu where her adventures in Wuxia romance begins. Liu Xue Hua had that kind of charming smile in the movies.

In Green Forest, here's one photo with the stare to remember- one that reminds me of Liu Xue Hua's stares in the past. In fact, I kind of feel she's ready for it.

Although she wasn't in very dramatic scenarios, this picture kind of makes me feel like she's ready to play those teary eyed scenes. Next guy? I seem to vote for Vic Zhou!

She also has that rather smart look and a stare to tell you she's not just a pretty face.

And her part was well played- she showed flexibility whenever needed.

Nodame Cantabile Rhapsody in Blue

Well I haven't seen the Nodame Cantabile anime yet (but I will try to see it when I can) but I did enjoy the TV drama version of it.  Maybe I've just outgrown Anime and choosing slice of life stories, then again some Anime are slice of life stories.  As a soap opera, I really thought Nodame got me high.  I'll write a review on Nodame Cantabile as a TV drama soon but all I can say is, just enjoy this.

Dolphin Bay's Sad Song

Well I just got to admit that with Dolphin Bay, I really was on the losing side (siding with Xiao Gang) and during that night of the concert, proved to be when my bet was already slipping into oblivion.  Well losing the bet meant this- wah I lost.  Well yet in the end, the song had a nice melody or to at least, my character lost gracefully.  All I could say when Xiao Gang looked at Tian Bian for the last time, I felt the same way he did with some girl.  But still... this song is still nice.