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Kamen Rider Decade: Great Concept But... I Think It's Poorly Executed for Most of Its Run!

Kamen Rider Decade (as the name implies) is the TENTH Heisei era series which means it was time for an anniversary season.  It was an interesting concept to have the nine Kamen Rider worlds involved namely Alternate Reality versions of Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O and Kiva.  I personally respect Kamen Rider Decade fans and remember, I am writing on my opinion that I find this series to be poorly executed!

The first scene has the original Kiva (Wataru) talking to the hero Tsukasa who must try to save the nine Rider Worlds from colliding unto each other.  On paper, the whole idea was good but a lot of trashy writing really ruined the show.  Now there was a budget for special effects, better acting but writing-wise it's almost as horrid as Saban's Masked Rider.  I personally find this show's Alternate Reality worlds to be horridly done for most of its run especially with how Kamen Rider Agito was treated to be a loser in hiding or Kiva is a child?!…

My List of Chinese Drama Series That Made Me Want To Tear My Heart Off!

I will list some of the Chinese drama I've seen that made me want to tear my heart off. This is just a warning for people who can't stand overly weepy dramas. I may update this list sooner or later. The list here is done chronologically which ones I've watched from start to end.

At the Dolphin Bay

I consider this TV series to be pretty sad and while I didn't cry in Lavender, I really cried in this one. Believe me, I cried buckets at the beginning especially that Tianbian's biological mother in spite of her scandalous relationship (which I think she might have been the ex-girlfriend of Tianbian's father) and later, Tianbian had no idea who she really was nor the fact she was the love child of her father and she has a half-sister and stepmother. I cried at the beginning when it came to her meeting Zerya and how they were separated. Now I did have my biases especially I came to hate Zerya for stupid reasons and I was rooting for Hsiaokang... because in the real lif…

Kamen Rider Drive is Coming To An End, Kamen Rider Ghost Is About To Begin!

I got the news from Orends Range that Kamen Rider Drive's cast now has the show's finale script. Well, I can't wait to see how it will end which we will have our following details from Orends.  Kamen Rider Ghost will end around in September which will be followed by crossover specials. So looking at it, I was wrong that Kamen Rider Drive will end this month or next month.

From JEFusion, here's a sketch of what Kamen Rider Ghost may look like.  Now I am honestly getting a lot of Danny Phantom vibes. So it will premiere on October 4, 2015 which happens to be Halloween month.  In terms of supernatural enemies for the Heisei era we've have Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Kiva and Faiz. I feel we may have another Kiva-like show but hopefully it will be a better done horror comedy.
Here's a funny artwork that I found of Danny Phantom and I felt like uploading it (he's wearing the Kiva belt) for laughs. Hehehehehehe! XD

So Kamen Rider Drive Is... Almost Over?

When I started looking at the progress of Kamen Rider Drive (which currently has 37 aired episodes, episode 38 is going to air next week on July 19, 2015), the show looks like it's going to end rather than undergoing a retool. There's a Kamen Rider Drive movie, there's already leakage of Kamen Rider Ghost (no image yet), I am seeing the bad guys drop like flies so what's the deal? Looking at the possible August 2015 premiere date of Kamen Rider Ghost then it looks like Drive is almost over

Some old Japanese Tokusatsu shows in the 80s to the 90s had below 40 episodes. Kamen Rider Amazon only had 24 episodes, Kamen Rider Stronger had 39 episodes, Changerion had 39 episodes and Metalder had 39 episodes. Looking at it, Kamen Rider Drive may only have up to 39 episodes which I wonder why the show is now cut short compared to Kamen Rider Gaim? I think Drive couldn't combat Gaim's popularity or two, executives might have thought it best to cut the series short to 39 …

My On/Off Journey With Watching And Not Watching Kamen Rider!

As a Toku fan, I tend to go backwards to old school and that's how I'm feeling about Super Sentai (that is, I am more interested in watching Super Sentai series from old school than new school).  Back as a child, my very first Kamen Rider was Kamen Rider Black (dubbed as Masked Rider Black) and later, I would see Black RX on some Cable TV channel (Star Chinese I think) to which I didn't really understand what was going on.  Oh, I'd like to forget about Saban's really failed Masked (Mashed) Rider which didn't even click in America.  I couldn't forget the whole Masked Rider/MMPR crossover which came before that awful series started.  Now back to the original versions shall we?

I was sort of the stuck up guy and always said, "Showa's the best!  Showa's the best!"  I remembered how remembered a now extinct site that declared Kamen Rider had died since Kuuga.  So I was just a slave back then, I took that stand and I really was unwilling to mov…