Kamen Rider Decade: Great Concept But... I Think It's Poorly Executed for Most of Its Run!

Kamen Rider Decade (as the name implies) is the TENTH Heisei era series which means it was time for an anniversary season.  It was an interesting concept to have the nine Kamen Rider worlds involved namely Alternate Reality versions of Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O and Kiva.  I personally respect Kamen Rider Decade fans and remember, I am writing on my opinion that I find this series to be poorly executed!

The first scene has the original Kiva (Wataru) talking to the hero Tsukasa who must try to save the nine Rider Worlds from colliding unto each other.  On paper, the whole idea was good but a lot of trashy writing really ruined the show.  Now there was a budget for special effects, better acting but writing-wise it's almost as horrid as Saban's Masked Rider.  I personally find this show's Alternate Reality worlds to be horridly done for most of its run especially with how Kamen Rider Agito was treated to be a loser in hiding or Kiva is a child?!  At the same time, enemies just randomly pop out here and there... there's really no concrete story until the Kamen Rider Decade movie which I think wasn't good either where they were all linked to Dai Shocker.

Things really got worse for me with Daiki's arrival.  The guy hardly contributes to anything but trolling everyone.  I even think this guy might be Toshiki Inoue's favorite for the show.  I mean, Inoue loves Hojo (Agito) and Masato (Faiz).  Unlike Masato who is really a secondary villain, Daiki is just an annoying troll who does nothing but annoy everyone for little or no reason.  He goes around stealing stuff and being annoying.  Sheesh... I hate this guy!

Now for the writers... we do have Sho Aikiawa (11 episodes), Toshiki Inoue (4 episodes), Yasuko Kobayashi (4 episodes), Kenji Konuta (2 episodes) and Shoji Yonemura (10 episodes).  I wonder if I blame the production or was there another Writer War?  From what I heard, Kobayashi and Inoue had a writer war during Ryuki so I wonder why they are in tandem here again?  Maybe Toei just didn't want to put them into any more tasks after Decade or what?  Maybe this was a Writer War with more than just two writers and for Kobayashi, I felt like the only decent episodes she wrote were the Shinkenger episodes and nothing more.

Later we would have the Decade/Shinkenger crossover from episodes 24 to 25.  I always felt that this crossover was better than the ToQGer/Gaim crossover and the Drive/Ninninger crossover.  Even if it wasn't a movie format, the writing for me was better than the other two.  Later on, we would have two episodes of Black and Black RX involving two alternate versions of Kotaro Minami but after that, the series ends with a dangler and I had to wait for MONTHS before the movie came out to wrap the series up.  WTF?!


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