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So Power Rangers Supports Kamen Rider?

Well here's some Power Rangers actors playing with Gaim's locks... ha ha1
This picture made me wished Troy were closer to Shun in KR Fourze...

Lightspeed Rescue... they're going to help rescue the city from Overlords while Gaim fights the main villains...

A deadly beauty... Cameron Jebo wants to become a Kamen Rider!

List of Dramas to Watch Soon...

Here's a list of drama I hope to watch soon...while I search for a girlfriend.

My first choice would be Lovers of Condor Heroes. My reason for wanting this one is to find out what kind of bad guy was Yang Guo's father.  Return of Condor Heroes' main protagonist Yang Guo is the son of the antagonist of Lovers of Condor Heroes, which explains why Yang Guo must clean his name.  I simply want to check this out.

Another is Princess Pearl... one of Qiong Yao's lighter dramas.  Ruby in and Vicki Zhao starred in this one before the remake of Romance in the Rain for the 2001 audience.

"Home" starring Vic Chou would be interesting for me.  He is paired with Janine Zhang for the second time (the first pairing was in Tea Fight),  In here Vic Chou's character is a Taiwanese doctor drafted into the military.  So far, Vic Chou's change of image from eye candy to serious actor, he may remind one of Qin Han in classic Qiong Yao.

Lian Lian Bu Wang  (Loving Not Forgett…

Thoughts on Kamen Rider Gaim Up to Episode 35

Aside from looking past my previous bias for Gaim, Gen Urobuchi really should write another Kamen Rider season or maybe even a Super Sentai season.  Now for my thoughts on how it went... and my criticism of the series so far:

So obviously we have some plots similar to Ryuki.  A reward for winning?  Check.  Some kind of parallel world?  Check, we have the Helheim forest in the place of the mirror world.  A battle royale?  Check.  While the concept is silly with the use of fruits, Gen Urobuchi is probably one writer I'd like to meet and be under his wing.  So far, it's working well for a fresh faced Kamen Rider... to be honest it's already getting old to keep using Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi for Kamen Rider.  This was also the first show that got me to get interested in Gen Urobuchi in the first place.  I love the well-timed humor (which shines over my love for blatant silliness) while balancing it with seriousness.  
The Overlords are from Helheim forest.  I love th…

Just Finished With Mischievous Kiss and Still Watching Gaim

SO I've finished with Mischievous Kiss and I would say that maybe, I should also watch the Taiwanese version to a comparison.  I might be biased but most of the Taiwan cast members usually do their best in acting.  And now for more...

I'm now in chapter 22 of Gaim which things get interesting.  So I'm in a snail pace right now and I am hoping to get my reserach done and over.  It's getting pretty interesting in spite of its rather silly fruit motif.  Takebe has weird ideas, Gen Urobuchi managed to save the day!  I just wonder how the conflict between Yggdrasil and Gaim will end?  Gaim had a delay of broadcast thanks to golf but yeah, I know it will be worth the wait!