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Is Faust In Kamen Rider Build The Gorgom Of The Heisei Era?

While watching Kamen Rider Build, I can't help but notice some similarities from the Showa era of Kamen Rider. Granted, I'm not really that fond of the Showa era and I prefer new school Kamen Rider over old school Kamen Rider but I can't ignore some similarities. Unlike Gorgom, they do have their foot soldiers which further reinforces their power than just having to rely on human followers as soldiers.

So what's making me think of Faust is the new Gorgom or Shocker or should I say a hybrid of both organizations? There are people in businesses and political positions that invest in this organization. It doesn't seem that Night Rogue is the actual leader. Also, it was mentioned that something or someone possessed Souichi ten years ago and caused the incident to happen. I have a feeling that some malevolent force exists within that box. Is this force inside the Pandora's Box going to be the Heisei era's version of the Creation King from Kamen Rider Black? If …

Kamen Rider Build Episode 9: Trap Of Project Build

Unlike last week's episode, this is a little bit more fast paced. So we learn something that could happen anytime soon. We discover the video of Takumi Katsuragi as the inventor of the Kamen Rider system. I do have a feeling of having a mix of Gorgom and Shocker every time I look at this series.

We meet who could be another important character. He takes a bath with Gentoku. Chairman Nanba has invested in Faust. Wait a minute... doesn't this remind me of certain businessmen who invest in Gorgom for some reason? Right now, I don't want to believe that Gentoku/Night Rogue is the ultimate villain of the series. I assume that the true villain must be within the Pandora's Box or is looking for it. There's still so many mysteries to unwrap.I even feel that Chairman Nanba is probably a tribute to that Gorgom scientist Hideomi Kurumatsu. I would expect to see him dead a couple of episodes later. 
We learn a bit more about Misora. She spent seven years comatose so life must…

My Thoughts On While You Were Sleeping Episodes 19-20

Once again, thanks to Drama Beans for these wonderful pictures.
This is one of the more intense episodes and Hong Joo's bloodied hands show it. I really felt sorry for her in this episode as she tries to change the future but it could get worse.
Jae Chan's gets shot by some crazy old man who happens to be the father of the deceased archer. I guess the old man can't accept his daughter died by accident. I do have a feeling perhaps Yo BUMMER is also involved in what happened though I could be wrong.
This scene is pretty intense. The mother comforts her grieving daughter concerning the issue. It's too early to get rid of Jae Chan so by the power of the writer's pen - he gets successful treatment after four hours.

Meanwhile, Yo-BUMMER acts all "nice and clean" again even if he's a dirty lawyer. I thought this scene was pretty intense as ever. There's a real crime scene show here that I wish I could understand at just the first view. So what's Yo B…

My Thoughts On While You Were Sleeping Episodes 17-18

We last left off with a murder mystery which still bothers me A LOT. Yes, this episode starts to get serious especially with how cruel fate can be. 
Yo BUMMER bums the audiences again. He always has his "good boy cover" while he's actually a dirty lawyer. He presents his case where he takes advantage of a terminally ill man who has pancreatic cancer. He also wants to get the money ASAP which makes me think he makes such a good villain. He knows how to play his cards right.

I always feel the bad side for Hong Joo. I think her nightmares are getting the best of her and she tries to reroute the flow of time in some way. She sees Jae Chan could die and there's two versions of this dream. One is where she dreams the suspect Hak Young is acquitted and the other isn't. I guess Hak Young would have killed Jae Chan if and if ever he wasn't acquitted but she never dreamed of a third final outcome.

So she does the absurd (again) by attempting to let Jae Chan dress diff…

Kamen Rider Build Episode 8: What Memories Tell You

This episode is somewhat slow compared to the rest. I dunno if I should be happy (or not) that Sawa Takigawa doesn't appear in this episode since she's already in the danger of becoming the new Megumi Asano. The episode focuses on a bit of Takumi Katsuragi's past. Blood Stark could be lying for all we know. 
The last episode has a bit of shock or not for everyone. I find this episode to be quite slow. So what do we learn of the past? 
Later on, we see a rather choking scene where both Kiryu and Ryoga are placed at the luggage. This would be really very frustrating to have to pass through this kind of experience. Going from Hokuto to Touto is no walk in the park. I really found this scene to be very hard to watch. I can't imagine doing that kind of operation especially I tend to easily get a cough. 
We learn that Takumi idolized his scientist father. His father was also part of the whole expedition to Mars that led to the Pandora's Box. I do suspect that the main a…

My Thoughts On While You Were Sleeping Episodes 15-16

Pictures taken from Drama Beans...
The episodes were titled "Pride and Prejudice" and right now, I'm tempted to pick up the novel and READ it. Anyway, the whole episode somewhat based on those two. One is all about a matter of pride and the other is prejudice or preconceived opinions without basing it on reason of experience. The other is harm or injury that results from some action or judgment. 
This is really something to think about. Hak Young's alleged crime causes damage to their family business. I really feel sorry for the mom having to pass through all that. You can tell that the situation is really that bad.
Yo-BUMMER is always involved one way or another. Right now, he's handling the case of an old man who has cancer . The old man believes that his daughter was murdered. It's obvious Yo-BUMMER doesn't really care about justice but money. He abandoned Chicken Oppa during episodes 13-14 because he could lose his case. He would do anything to get mo…

My Thoughts On While You Were Sleeping Episodes 13-14

Perhaps another satisfying round for the whole Wednesday night isn't it? Okay, I just watch through since I don't understand Hangul. So what's next with this one? Okay, I"m pretty glad to see that Chicken Oppa is in jail. That guy really did a number murdering his younger brother, stabbing Yoo Tak and murdering his younger sister.

Last week's episode was pretty much a suspense. While Suzy is a strong female in real life but in here, she's not portrayed as a fighter though she's still gutsy. She still has her tendency to become a damsel in distress and heroine at the same time. I enjoyed the scene to get Chicken Oppa arrested where he's going to become the next Boysen Paint model.

What should be surprising is that Yo-BUMMER no longer pursues the case. He's somehow careful in choosing his sleaze or all he cares about is money. I mean, the evidence is already against Chicken Oppa so there.

This scene is sort of funny. I dunno why I want …

Kamen Rider Fourze: A Fun Trip To Space And Back To Earth

I admit that there was a time when Super Sentai and Kamen Rider used to have heavy doses of nightmare fuel. When Kamen Rider made its major return in with Kamen Rider Kuuga, I still gave a thought on how Kamen Rider Kuuga up to Kamen Rider Kabuto were nightmare fueled seasons. Most of the Kamen Riders that followed it were less scary and more fun rides like Kamen Rider Den-O (though there may be a few segments that were scary) and Kamen Rider Kiva (though I think Fangire attacks did give a moderate nightmare fuel for an otherwise fun show). Now it's time to talk about Kamen Rider Fourze's "It's Space Time!".

I remembered watching Kamen Rider Super-1 some time after I watched Kamen Rider Fourze. Super-1 was an attempt at space but ended up having a six year hiatus before the dawn of the blockbuster Kamen Rider Black. Is it me or is the Showa era of Kamen Rider something of a struggle? Anyway, I thought about how Fourze succeeded where Super-1 failed in the space …