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What Role Will Night Rogue Play In Kamen Rider Build's Japanese Civil War?

Okay, sorry for really SLOWING down on the episode or plot updates of Kamen Rider Build. Right now, I'm just pretty interested in one side of the story that deals with Gentoku's being a bad son to his father the Prime Minister of Touto. This almost reminds me of real life incidents where good kings can sire bad sons or the typical good men have villainous antagonistic offspring plots. Such is the case of Prime Minister Taizen Himoru who discovers his son Gentoku's treachery. 
It was nice of Misora to help the prime minister recover and get things straight. Prime Minister Himoru has no choice but to disown his wayward son -- in favor of the lives of millions of innocent Japanese people in the current dystopia they're in. With nothing else to hide -- Gentoku finally reveals to his father that he's Night Rogue and this is really one interesting turning point!

So what's going to happen? Night Rogue last escaped saying that he'd get power one way or another. Bu…

I'm Voluntarily Entering Slowdown Here

As you've noticed I've slowed down updates here with the weekly reviews. I've been watching Kamen Rider Build BUT I feel like slowing down with writing about the latest show for now. I just thought that devoting episode reviews for my Super Sentai blog may be the "easier" decision. On the other hand, I think I"m better off trying to slow down on episode reviews because they're not as easy as you think.

Want to know what problem I have behind doing episode reviews? Choosing the right screenshots, pouring out my thoughts on every episode isn't easy. Heck, I'm even thinking that I may just wrap up Space 47-48 next then I'll resume doing episode reviews with Lupinranger vs. Patoranger. As for Kamen Rider Build updates, I may give them once every two to four weeks (or more) depending on how I feel or what plot material would be worth talking about or if something "major" happens or when I feel like it.

Other reasons would involve that I&…

Hwayugi Will Have An Upcoming Love Triangle

Sorry for not really writing new updates on Hwayugi as of late. As said, expect me to write less on episode updates and expect random updates instead. The same will go for Kamen Rider Build that I may not review every single episode anymore to avoid burning my mind out. Here's the latest update and there's an upcoming love triangle. Yup, I'm a sucker for love triangle plots and I want to phone Toshiki Inoue right now. Hehe.
This scene was way back in episode two where Sun Mi got absorbed into some cursed painting. She kissed Sun Oh Gong since she saw what would happen in the pot. This develops a weird relationship between the two.

The hammy and somewhat sympathetic villain (he still misses his wife, Princess Iron Fan) Gentoku ahem Ma Wang (the actors really DO look alike) has been trying to figure out how to get rid of Sun Oh Gong. He's thought of burning down Sun Oh Gong together with a strange pocket dimension. Now he decides to use a similar curse from the Hans Ch…

Mind Hurts: Why Do I Even Call Certain Fantasy-Based K-Drama And C-Drama As Toku?!

I admit, I'm among some people who once thought of Tokusatsu as Ultraman, Choseishin series, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, Super Sentai series or anything similar to it. Then I later found the terms Tokusatsu, Metal Hero, Kamen Rider and a lot more when I became a teenager. Heck, I even found out that Kamen Rider was the official name for Masked Rider (no, not the idiotic adaptation decay called Mashed Ripper) hence why Kamen Rider Black was dubbed as Masked Rider Black. My head spun when I first heard of the word "Tokusatsu".

Here's how defines Tokusatsu:

Tokusatsu is a Japanese term that applies to any live-action film or television drama that features considerable use of special effects. Tokusatsu entertainment often deals with science fiction, fantasy or horror, but movies and television shows in other genres can sometimes count as tokusatsu as well. The most popular types of tokusatsu include kaiju monster movies like the Godzilla and Gamera film ser…

Kamen Rider Build Episodes 16-17: Hokuto VS. Touto Starts The Japanese Civil War

Okay, as I said I will be slowing down on Kamen Rider Build so don't expect weekly reviews from now on. Reasons are one, I think I'd focus (again) on Super Sentai, I'm also watching Hwayugi (but don't expect episode reviews like I did with While You Were Sleeping), trying to get a head start on Special Rescue Exceedraft, I'll try to get my Kyuranger posts done. Anyway, I'd like to write on the civil war breaking out.

This is where the Prime Minister of Hokuto, Yoshiko shows how much of a bitch she can get. She is allied with the Cafe Owner/Blood Stark as of the moment. Her plans are simple. Seize the Pandora's Box and I dunno what she wants with it. I guess Faust as an organization will sooner or later be gone or somebody could be the puppet master behind this whole conflict.

Meme lord Gentoku/Night Rogue (and now Ox Demon King in Hwayugi is competing for his spot) proposes an alliance with our heroes due to the fact that civil war has practically broken o…

My First Impressions On Hwayugi Or Korean Odyssey

I've just started watching the fantasy series Hwayugi which runs for one hour each. I do have some catching up to do. I also considered that I may want to focus on this one (so, I may not write much about Kamen Rider Build except for important major plots or if anything gets my attention) for now. So what's the whole thing? 
This version's Sun Wukong (Sun Oh Kong in South Korean) doesn't appear to be a monkey but a man. I wonder what's with the directors making Doctor Man's son Lee Seung Gi play as another monster character? He was a Nagare Bouma in Gu Family Book. It's no surprise he plays as Sun Oh Kong who in here has an appetite for human flesh... something we don't often seen in adaptations of the said book! He was released by Sun Mi which explains one plot to why she is a "descendant" of Xuan Zang. She inherited his position after freeing the monkey from his prison.
Sun Mi the heroine is a damsel in despair and out of despair depending …

I'm Off To Watching Hwayugi

Shoot! I haven't realized that Hwayugi (which is loosely based on the Chinese epic Journey to the West) has already started airing. I remembered getting a bit of a hangover with While You Were Sleeping's end, it was a good series and now it's time to check Lee Seung Gi who's returned from the military. The story is a pseudo-sequel of the novel and it looks like Sun Wukong has become human for this story. 
This is a present day, Korean retelling of the story. For one, I'm quite a sucker for fantasy genre. Two, this could be considered as a Korean "Tokusatsu". Tokusatsu is a Japanese term that uses a considerable amount of special effects. Nope, I'm not talking about Koreans trying to do their own Gransazer or Justirizer inspired type of heroes but some live drama involving loads of special effects. This one, Hwayugi is a fantasy series and I think it should be considered as Tokusatsu. 
Okay, I'd be lying to say I don't have stupid reasons to w…