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O2O Romance - When Mary Sue Falls For Gary Stu

Well it was really some time to adjust to watching some new school Chinese drama considering that most of my new school preferences as of late are on Kamen Rider, Super Sentai (and I'm liking this year's Lupinranger vs. Patranger and last year's Kyuranger was a fun rocket ship ride) or not to mention I've got the K-Drama craze going on. It was a huge adjustment though I ended up watching O2O Romance. Just hearing that it's one of the most watched Chinese TV series made me want to check it out.
Okay, I usually prefer action-based Chinese drama filled with all the super crazy fight scenes while I think watching some love stories can be a change of pace. At first, I just decided to watch two episodes per night to discipline myself. But I ended up trying to speed up the pace -- maybe it's because Mary Sue meets Gary Stu. Such people are a hard find in real life. Xiao Nai is good looking, good in sports and academics. Wei Wei is pretty inside out and she's inte…

What Major Role Will Ryuga Banjo's Alien Origin Play In Kamen Rider Build?

Sorry for not really updating on Kamen Rider Build episode by episode these days -- especially some new passions have caught into me or that it's actually "easier" if I focus on Super Sentai episode reviews (but that may be gone soon depending on my mood and real life situations) but I thought this was pretty interesting. Just right now, we found out from Sawa that Ryuga is NOT human and this is one bizarre flashback...
So some unknown life form manned the spacecraft and reached for a human woman. She got pregnant for only two months and delivered a healthy baby boy -- that would be Banjou. I think this is really some nightmare fuel. I really thought of a couple of creepy films like Humanoids from the Deep (which really scared me especially with the mutates impregnating human women) or The Blob. This seems to be a tribute to Hollywood films of the weird 80s.

With this in mind, we also discover that Ryuga can somehow influence the Pandora's Box because of his Martian …