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Hiiro Kogami Contradicts Himself As Of Current

When we first saw Hiiro Kagami during the earlier days of Kamen Rider EX-AID, he's portrayed to be someone who wants to get the job done and seeks to do everything professionally. Yet deep within him is a hurt man who misses his girlfriend Saki Momose. Saki was infected by a Bugster and got erased. I thought of it as something similar to what happened to Ryu in Jetman.
What's with the whole issue of the lover? Hiiro is under the blackmail of Masamune Dan who promises to revive Saki but at a condition. This causes him to do things that he stood against namely not letting feelings get in the way. As much as he criticized Emu Hojo for getting feelings along the way now he's guilty of it. I guess he wants to stop letting his emotions get in the way while he's secretly clinging to the past namely his girlfriend Saki.
This is an interesting turn of events. I suspect that maybe Masamune is just lying to him. Maybe, not everyone who got deleted can be restored. But what if Ma…