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Kamen Rider Build Episode 12: Theory Of Conspiracy

This week's Kamen Rider Build episode starts to move to another direction. There's going to be a some interesting relationship between Touto, Nanba Industries and Faust going on. 

We can see the character of Sawa may again deteriorate. I was too excited to think about her as a spy for Nanba Industries but it looks like she may turn back into a nonsense character. But she does reveal a bit of information concerning Faust after he's reverted back to human form.

There's a bit of Utsumi who reveals the third floor. What I find interesting in this episode is that both of them have been acting oblivious towards each other. The end of the episode reveals an interesting reveal about both characters. 
This really creates a bit of problems. Ryoga is still skeptical about Sawa and I personally would side with him. I mean, Sawa is a spy (a failed one) so why would you in the right mind want to believe her? Unless of course, you can be on my shoes and be deceived by her charming b…

What If Liu Yi Fei And Jerry Yan Had A Movie Together?

I like to do some nostalgic throwbacks last decade. I thought about the time I ended up hearing of the love team between Brigitte Lin and Chin Han. Then I checked out "Red Dust" which was pretty fine except that I couldn't relate too much to the love team due to the generation gap. So what if Brigitte's "daughter" Liu Yi Fei had a project with Chin Han's "son" Jerry Yan?

My comedic thought is the possibility that anybody who may have enjoyed the tandem of Chin Han and Brigitte Lin could get a momentary shock. I remembered how somebody compared Jerry's appearance to Chin Han and later, compared Yi Fei's appearance to Brigitte. It might make them think that they missed a movie with both of their favorite celebrities back in the 70s.

If Barbie Xu-Wang's one-time love team with Jerry was pretty much Chin-Liu then maybe Jerry and Yi Fei would have created a short-term revival of the Chin Han/Brigitte tandem in the 70s. It could have be…

Kamen Rider Build Episode 11: Birth Of Kamen Rider Cross-Z

This week's Kamen Rider finally gives us what was long awaited (or not) transformation of Ryuga Banjo. He is now the secondary Kamen Rider though I wonder how will the other bottles be retrieved. 
Gentoku meets with everyone where he serves as the acting Prime Minister of Touto. He may have set everything up himself. Blood Stark rudely intrudes which leads to yet another conflict. Just what in the world is Blood Stark up to?

Something is not quite right with how Sento is burned up. Suddenly, Blood Stark helps them for now. I have a feeling Blood Stark will be a troll for several more episodes to come.

Misora discovers the dark secret of Sawa. Sawa is a spy sent by the Heavy Industries. So what's with Sawa doing what she did? Does she have a dark secret? I assume someone in her family must be held hostage or she allies herself with Faust (indirectly) for some money. I was even prepared to see her die like Yukari Tsukikage the Gorgom-allied actress in the second episode of Kame…

My Thoughts On The "While You Were Sleeping" Finale

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Yes it's the finale and I was prepared for a bad ending. I still couldn't forget I wanted to smash my LCD screen with my hand when I saw Suzy Bae's character die in Gu Family Book. The scene of Hong Joo in the hospital had me already scared since my first Korean TV series to watch was Autumn in My Heart which I may consider rewatching anytime soon. Anyway, here's how the finale goes and I'm pretty mixed about it. 
The trial really has Woo Tak testifying which further helps create the lead to condemn Yo-BUMMER as a dirty lawyer. This is also where it's revealed by Chief Choi that Yo-BUMMER is planning to flee South Korea soon. I'd assume that maybe, just maybe Yo-BUMMER is planning to flee to North Korea. Anyway, things get pretty intense here. 
Yup, I can feel through Hong Joo's tears. This scene really made me wish I was there to comfort her or the ghosts of the Akibarangers (which is JUST impossible) would sympathize over…

My Thoughts On While You Were Sleeping Episodes 29-30

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Yes, we're going to have the finale tomorrow and it's going to be intense. Last week's episode was pretty intense which was really thrilling. I even assumed Hong Joo the protagonist would die. But not the way things unfolded.
Jae Chan goes and rescues Hong Joo. The IV poison would kill anyone in five minutes but there was a one minute grace. Yes, Hong Joo is saved at the very last minute which puzzles me. I'm no medical expert so I don't know how to explain this one. But I'm glad Hong Joo's saved then we do have another scene that makes me think how the main villain knows how to play his cards.
I really find it amazing how Yo-BUMMER inflicted harm to himself with some dangerous drug. He makes up another convincing story to hide the truth. Yes, he murdered the IV Serial Killer to hide his own activities. This is a real good acting that deceives everyone. that's what makes Yo-BUMMER such a dangerous threat.

This makes it…

Kamen Rider Build Episode 10: Technology Of Destruction

Last week's episode felt pretty slow. Now, I think this is one episode that manages to come up with something more fast-paced. It also reveals some interesting things about Faust's mysterious structure.
The episode has all three ministers wanting the Pandora's Box. The box itself contains a dangerous power which soon traps the three ministers inside. 
What's revealed is an inside job done by Nariaki Utsumi and Eita Kawai. This is a deadly inside job which could spell the whole end of Japan under the Skywall disaster.

It's not known exactly how we could classify Jusaburo and Sawa as of late. Will they end up getting betrayed and killed by Faust? Will they get more than what they bargain for? They may not be totally aware they're actually working for an evil organization. If so, we should expect to see them go away anytime. 

There's some in-fighting within Faust which I think is interesting. So who's the traitor in which? Faust is so left in the mud. Blo…