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Uncontrollably Fond Of Suzy Bae

I've just finished watching Uncontrollably Fond while waiting for more releases of the weekly Zyuohger, Kamen Rider EX-AID and hopefully more Changeman, Flashman, Timeranger and Janperson subs will be coming out. But I could talk about the 20 episode series with each episode ranging up to one hour.

The plot of Uncontrollably Fond involves Kim Woo Bin as Shin Joon Yong who does a pretty good job playing as a stuck up jerk who still has some goodness left within. Joon Yong has brain cancer and he's doing his best to survive. He's estranged from his mother who has some mental issues, trying to keep all her feelings to herself and his biological father has no idea that he exists. Suzy Bae plays Noh Eul a producer who tends to be money hungry just so she could support her younger brother. I admit though letting Suzy play a 28 year old character when she's only 22 feels awkward. It's like as if Samhwa Networks could have phoned Maaya Uchida for a little more age accurat…

So What's The Deal With South Korean TV Drama Based On Japanese Media?

While watching South Korean drama, I could remember how some Super Sentai seasons were purposely skipped because they were "too Japanese". These shows are Hurricanger and Shinkenger but they're airing Ninninger. Ninninger had a South Korean idol named Shin appeared in one episode of Ninninger. Did any Toku fans who also watch K-Drama notice it? I simply didn't but I thought he was familiar. I thought he was just a Japanese guy who looked like the actor.

Just like Taiwanese TV drama, South Korean TV Drama also localizes or adapts Japanese shows. That is where they base the script of the show on an existing Anime or Manga then they produce localized versions of the characters. One example was City Hunter which was based on both an Anime and a Manga. The story got Koreanized for South Koreans with everything filmed from scratch. The setting and just about everything was given for Korean audiences. There's no reliance of a single footage from the Anime or J-Drama as …

I Don't Feel Much Of A Generation Gap With New School Heisei Kamen Rider

While not all of the Heisei Kamen Riders are that good, some are better and some come out pretty bad for me. As of late, I noticed I don't feel much of a generation gap or any of that gap at all. While post-Go-Busters Super Sentai season may leave me that feeling of having a generation gap, I don't feel it with Kamen Rider. Even if I didn't like ToQGer's crossover with Kamen Rider Gaim but I still feel like the latter fit me more. So what's the issue?

From Japan Info, here's what it says about Kamen Rider:

With different themes for every installment, Toei made the story line quite dramatic with unexpected events and plot twists to cater to older audiences, while at the same time making the series as educational as possible so that the kids in the audience will learn something after watching the series. Taking latest Kamen Rider GHOST as an example, the theme of Rider power-ups (a Rider’s special abilities) have been based on famous historical beings (eg. Newton…

Wishful Thinking: Slicing Like A Ninja Themed Kamen Rider!

As much as I don't like Ninninger for how it turned out but I thought the ideas revolving around the Final Shuriken and the Last Ninja aren't bad ideas. Just that, Super Sentai may have been trying to stay afloat after ratings dropped from Go-Busters up to ToQGer according to @Wiki. I thought about this one... Naomi Takebe was responsible for some of my favorite Kamen Riders namely Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Gaim. For Go-Busters, I would think she's got her lackluster performance there and even if I'm among a few who like the series, you can't deny that she's not cut out for Super Sentai.

Yamaji Touha/Jiraiya appeared, as a guest star in Ninninger as the main event. Metal Hero had one ninja themed show, Super Sentai had already three ninja themed shows but Kamen Rider had no official ninja themed Kamen Rider. I think it would be good to try and revive the ideas of the Final Shuriken and Last Ninja in another Kamen Rider battle royale or …

My Thoughts On Kamen Rider EX-AID's First Episode

Even if Over-Time decided not to sub EX-AID (I hope they do finish subbing Timeranger) but we've got EXCITE Subs doing the job of subbing the series. Now I'd like to give my thoughts on the series' first episode. 
The main protagonist Houjo Emu is a pediatrician intern. He's also a gamer. What I find funny is that why is he using something like a retro-gaming gadget than a PS Vita or any current generation handhelds? Again, these are all fictitious devices are left for the show.

Announcement: Over-Time Won't Be Subbing EX-AID But A New Fan-Subbing Group Will!

It's so upsetting to hear that Over-Time wouldn't be subbing EX-AID right? Here's what they said:
Regarding Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, we won’t be picking it up and instead put that time towards working on stuff we’ve left neglected for a while, which, as it stands, is a lot of stuff. Sorry guys.

Our encoder GuSTaVauM will continue to post Ex-Aid raws as usual.

That sounds like bad news right? But don't worry, there's the new fan sub group to make up for it called EXCITE. Yes, it's time to be EXCITEd for those Kamen Rider EX-AID subs.

What's my speculation behind Over-Time deciding not to pick up Kamen Rider EX-AID? They're working on the Timeranger subs which had a very slow pace. Recently, we have 26 subs and I'm glad I'm seeing more clearer copies of the Timeranger subs (I saw Timeranger with bad quality) while waiting for their weekly Zyuohger subs. It was fun to see them sub Kamen Rider Ghost at a weekly basis but I think they want to finish Timera…