My Thoughts On Kamen Rider EX-AID's First Episode

Even if Over-Time decided not to sub EX-AID (I hope they do finish subbing Timeranger) but we've got EXCITE Subs doing the job of subbing the series. Now I'd like to give my thoughts on the series' first episode. 

The main protagonist Houjo Emu is a pediatrician intern. He's also a gamer. What I find funny is that why is he using something like a retro-gaming gadget than a PS Vita or any current generation handhelds? Again, these are all fictitious devices are left for the show.

Karino Asuna appears as a health minister personnel. She was left in charge of finding "M" who's none toher than Houjo Emu. Even with that very formal look her natural beauty shines through. It was funny to see her and Houjo have their conflict of interest. But later it turns out she's a video game character known as Poppy Pipopapo. How that's possible still remains to be seen. Don't look for biology and computer engineering textbook to find the answers. Watch the show!

What's Tokusatsu without concepts that defy science and technology? I'm having a feeling we're probably getting a Public Service Announcement (PSA) anytime soon. The Bugstars are computer viruses that have somehow gained the ability to infect humans. Are we getting a Kamen Rider that's focused on keeping the mind and body healthy. I guess we're getting a message that spending too much time on video games can harm your mind.

Kamen Rider EX-AID's form is based on the in-show only video game character known as Mighty Action X. What's funny is that this year was also the release of Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9. So did they create Mighty Action X as a reference to that game?

The show features the use of special effects in the form of on-screen words like "POW" or "SWOOSH" like in Kakuranger or in the Batman TV series starring Adam West. It's been the first time since Kakuranger that these special effects have been used. This was probably done due to the retro video game theme of the show. It was nice to see how EX-AID gets to incorporate video gaming into his combat skills. Shades of Megaranger anyone? But with today's current digital technology we get to see them done better than before.

While watching the first episode, I think I'm going to enjoy this one. It's too early for me to say that I'm going to like this show better than Zyuohger. I found Zyuohger to be more fun than Kamen Rider Ghost even if I found Kamen Rider Drive much more fun than Ninninger.

My worries right now is that we have Takahito Oomori. While he was responsible for Kamen Rider Drive but I can't help comment at how he loves to downplay female heroes in his shows. Like come on, he's been at Toei for some time. I wish Junko Fujino in Winspector would shoot him. I'm afraid that like Kiriko Shijima (who got downplayed in later episodes), we might see Asuna getting played down into a damsel in distress in later episodes.

How will Kamen Rider EX-AID turn out? It's too early to tell until I see more of the show. Until then, I'm kind of impressed with what the show offers in its first episode.


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