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Remembering My Paternal Grandma's Soap Operas...

I got to admit there was this time my my grandmother would watch those Chinese soap operas.  Here were some I could remember...
There were the Liu Xue Hua soap operas where she worked with Ivy Ling Po's husband Chin Han.  Okay I got to admit the gap is 13 years.  Yikes!  But Chin Han really looks SO YOUNG!  Some of their best projects were "Love in the Rain" (which had a remake starring Vicki Zhao and Alec Su), "Seagull's Home" and "Courtyard".  

There was also her borrowing those wuxia style novel soap operas.  I can't be certain to which was her favorite but I guess her favorite was Andy Lau's version of Return of Condor Heroes.  However they had to have a love story or she won't watch it.

Westside Story

Westside Story, perhaps my favorite 5566 drama of all time.  I would like to give credit that without "My MVP Valentine" but there is something about Westside Story that made it my favorite.  So where does it start?  So it feels like Anime but there is no Anime, it seems that Taiwanese people prefer live over animation and this show does it quite right.  It has the Anime feel without the need to be animated.  And yup this show caused me to like watching live shows more than Anime.

The characters of the script You Ya Yu (acted by Tony Sun) is one who lives with his delusional mother Yao Lan Lan (acted by Zhong Qin) and his maternal half-brother You Ya Wa (acted by Wu Huai En) who was born from an unknown man.  Well from an irresponsible mother who is obsessed with Hello Kitty stuff, it does get more disturbing than funny.  Then there is Xing Wang (acted by Wallace Huo) who is a young genius bored with life, the feisty Lan Yu Yi (played by my favorite Chinese actress Esther Li…