Announcement: Over-Time Won't Be Subbing EX-AID But A New Fan-Subbing Group Will!

It's so upsetting to hear that Over-Time wouldn't be subbing EX-AID right? Here's what they said:

Regarding Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, we won’t be picking it up and instead put that time towards working on stuff we’ve left neglected for a while, which, as it stands, is a lot of stuff. Sorry guys.

Our encoder GuSTaVauM will continue to post Ex-Aid raws as usual.

That sounds like bad news right? But don't worry, there's the new fan sub group to make up for it called EXCITE. Yes, it's time to be EXCITEd for those Kamen Rider EX-AID subs.

What's my speculation behind Over-Time deciding not to pick up Kamen Rider EX-AID? They're working on the Timeranger subs which had a very slow pace. Recently, we have 26 subs and I'm glad I'm seeing more clearer copies of the Timeranger subs (I saw Timeranger with bad quality) while waiting for their weekly Zyuohger subs. It was fun to see them sub Kamen Rider Ghost at a weekly basis but I think they want to finish Timeranger anytime soon.


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