So What's The Deal With South Korean TV Drama Based On Japanese Media?

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While watching South Korean drama, I could remember how some Super Sentai seasons were purposely skipped because they were "too Japanese". These shows are Hurricanger and Shinkenger but they're airing Ninninger. Ninninger had a South Korean idol named Shin appeared in one episode of Ninninger. Did any Toku fans who also watch K-Drama notice it? I simply didn't but I thought he was familiar. I thought he was just a Japanese guy who looked like the actor.

Just like Taiwanese TV drama, South Korean TV Drama also localizes or adapts Japanese shows. That is where they base the script of the show on an existing Anime or Manga then they produce localized versions of the characters. One example was City Hunter which was based on both an Anime and a Manga. The story got Koreanized for South Koreans with everything filmed from scratch. The setting and just about everything was given for Korean audiences. There's no reliance of a single footage from the Anime or J-Drama as everything was filmed from scratch while the Manga or Anime was used as the inspiration. But still, you can't deny everything was filmed from scratch which makes me respect Korean and Taiwanese film producers more than American companies' localization of Toei's media. Sure Toei may have made money whenever they allow their media to get localized by American companies that but still I appreciate localization of Japanese media that were filmed from scratch.

While watching some Korean TV series that were actually based on Japanese series, I'm asking do the cast themselves realize they have Toku lookalikes? Lee Min Ho looks like a younger version of Hiroshi Fujioka to the point I wanted to joke Toei should have hired him to play Takeshi Hongo for the Reboot movie. Suzy Bae looks like Maaya Uchida. Im Joo Wan looks like Tasuku Nagase. That's probably just a few South Koreans who may have Toku lookalikes. I'm even thinking what if these lookalikes went to a Toku convention and what kind of shock will it create?


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