Thoughts on Kamen Rider Gaim Up to Episode 35

Aside from looking past my previous bias for Gaim, Gen Urobuchi really should write another Kamen Rider season or maybe even a Super Sentai season.  Now for my thoughts on how it went... and my criticism of the series so far:

So obviously we have some plots similar to Ryuki.  A reward for winning?  Check.  Some kind of parallel world?  Check, we have the Helheim forest in the place of the mirror world.  A battle royale?  Check.  While the concept is silly with the use of fruits, Gen Urobuchi is probably one writer I'd like to meet and be under his wing.  So far, it's working well for a fresh faced Kamen Rider... to be honest it's already getting old to keep using Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi for Kamen Rider.  This was also the first show that got me to get interested in Gen Urobuchi in the first place.  I love the well-timed humor (which shines over my love for blatant silliness) while balancing it with seriousness.  

The Overlords are from Helheim forest.  I love their design though I wish I understood what they were saying.  Man, I wish I also understood what the Grongi way back in Kuuga were saying!  So they have taken over Yggdrasil Tower and made a missile show... hmmmm.  I just thought I'd love to see these guys develop more interesting stories than it has started.

I'm just glad Takatora is still alive since I think killing him off early would be a "Toku injustice" for me.  I mean I even felt bad when Bilgenia got killed in Kamen Rider Black or when Gasha Dokuro got killed off in episode 31 of Kakuranger.  I'd love to see him develop now that he's at odds with his own brother Micchy.  As for Yggdrasil, I thought that the company is like Smart Brain in a way with its use of "Rider soldiers".  It also leads itself with scientific innovations with conflict from within.  I hate how they keep people of Zawane City ignorant of the situation.

For Pierre Alfonso, I think he's one confused (but can bet comical at times) character or at times he can become annoying.  I just thought he seems always trying to seek balance between his masculinity and his femininity resulting to him having make-up, sash and his earrings while he actually is a military soldier at the same time. As of right now, he's probably just a guy with an identity crisis which I hope he gets over it.  Also his actor Metal Yoshida?  Hmmm he could have been used for Berg Katse for the Gatchaman movie.  In spite of being a jerk, he cares for his customers and his protege Hidayasu.  I wonder what he will be doing next?

For Lock Dealer Sid, well I thought he was an interesting backstabbing villain but why KILL HIM SO SOON?  I thought he and Micchy could be a great tag team of villainy.  I guess he was killed for the reason to give Micchy more room huh?  Well nobody's perfect hehe. 

Kouta vs. Kaito- Their ideals are clashing.  So Kouta is the selfless, just wants to save the world and though he's pretty naive, that flaw makes him interesting.  I view Kouta to be kind of like anothe Yuusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga and a better version of Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO.  Sometimes I feel I can relate to Kaito with how I deal with my problems.  Sometimes I can relate to Kouta.  I feel like I was split into two watching their ideals clash.  Plus for Kouta, he doesn't care who gets the golden fruit as long as the world is saved.  Kaito sometimes acts like a jerk but not as much as Renn in Kamen Rider Ryuki does it.  

So Micchy is a villain?  And he's one selfish, self-centered brat who wants to get everything he wants.  Though he's not as vicious as Takeshi/Ouja in Kamen Rider Ryuki BUT I still can't discout the fact he's manipulating people for his own ends.  Then he shows his true colors to Kouta.  I just love how he is developing as a manipulative character while he has his feelings for Mai.  So how will that develop between his desire to remake the world as he sees fit and his feelings for Mai?  He gets his brother Takatora's Rider Belt... hmmm we have another pass around the belt here but fortunately not overdone unlike Inoue's passing around in Faiz.

So far I am enjoying this series.  It's helping me get over three Sentai disasters in a row (for me, that is since some people will share a different criticism than mine)- Gobusters, Kyoryuger and ToQger.


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