List of Dramas to Watch Soon...

Here's a list of drama I hope to watch soon...while I search for a girlfriend.

My first choice would be Lovers of Condor Heroes. My reason for wanting this one is to find out what kind of bad guy was Yang Guo's father.  Return of Condor Heroes' main protagonist Yang Guo is the son of the antagonist of Lovers of Condor Heroes, which explains why Yang Guo must clean his name.  I simply want to check this out.

A screenshot from the TV series Princess Pearl showing three young women
Another is Princess Pearl... one of Qiong Yao's lighter dramas.  Ruby in and Vicki Zhao starred in this one before the remake of Romance in the Rain for the 2001 audience.

"Home" starring Vic Chou would be interesting for me.  He is paired with Janine Zhang for the second time (the first pairing was in Tea Fight),  In here Vic Chou's character is a Taiwanese doctor drafted into the military.  So far, Vic Chou's change of image from eye candy to serious actor, he may remind one of Qin Han in classic Qiong Yao.

Lian Lian Bu Wang  (Loving Not Forgetting) features Jerry Yan who looks more like Qin Han's younger self here. Jerry Yan's story here is similar to Vanness Wu's story in "Autumn Concerto" but a more mellow version.  Jerry Yan discovers he had fathered a child with some girl years ago, when he discovers the truth he rekindles his lost love.  Looking at the extras, he almost reminded some acquaintance of mine of Qin Han's performance in Qiong Yao series and movies.  But I wanted him to be paired with Liu Yifei here to give a more Qin Han/Brigitte Lin on-screen chemistry considering the former kinda looks like Brigitte Lin.


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