Vic Zhou in His Role in Chinese Soaps

If I can say, I remembered some time in my life as a Chinese series fan that he started out as an underrated actor. Why? Back then, he didn't display much of his hidden talent. So his characters in Meteor Garden and Poor Prince fits him well. However given a more serious role in Love Storm but it was just a flop. It was because of that he was called "questionable talent" and in God Mars, well he was just okay.

However there was always room for improvement and that he really could act. So I did spit at him after watching Love Storm due to his poor performance and received similar opinion from others that he was only good for comic relief, however in Silence where it was his first serious moment (non-comedic) he had shown much hidden talent which wasn't manifested early in show business. Even Delicious Relationships showed he had improved.

Tea Fight was a great improvement from Linger. Linger well he was still practicing to be better. In Tea Fight, he was no longer the passive guy he used to be.

He had a lot of dedication and seriousness in doing his role in "Wish to See You Again". I no longer spat at his performance. It was a change of his attitude towards his job which showed he has become more dedicated than Jerry Yan.

His most challenging role has to be in "Black and White" because he really released real tears on screen or had to change his emotions from happy to sad to angry in so many scenes. This changed his impression to non-fans of his. Even I became a fan of his after seeing this show.

I believe he got a greater moment to shine in "The Last Night of Madame Chin" where he I can get blast to the past of old Chinese drama with his performance.


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