Vic Zhou and Michelle Chen's Chemistry in "Wish to See You Again"

The thing is I always felt like that when I was seeing "Wish to See You Again" I was just thankful that Michelle Chen was able to blend in well with the show even if I don't find her attractive (but she's kind of cute). Why? She manages to actually get the charm out of Vic Zhou. Everything just came out naturally with the two of them, one between a weirdo writer and the other your girl next door type who's lucky to find her lover.

So I kind of thought that ever since disc 1, the two got me hooked because the story was kind of interesting especially with the twists and turns and how their two characters slowly developed their relationship and the two deny their feelings for some time until they can't hold it much longer. And of course, their characters weren't what you'd expect to come out together, that is until a serious misadventure with an annoying child brought them together.

Michelle Chen obviously displayed natural acting compared to Vivian Hsu in Love Storm especially when she had to portray a worried Nen Xiang when twice, Vic Zhou's character of Xu Le gets unwell. The parts where Xu Le helps Nen Xiang are just rather interesting and how it came that when she thought it was over, in the end they were still reunited.

For them, I could really recommend the series for those who want to see an improved Vic Zhou performance.


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