Qiong Yao Dramas I'd Like to Try Watching

While I'm currently enjoying this generation's Chinese drama, however I cannot just let go of the idea of watching Qiong Yao.  A movie was made on it.  If I'm not wrong this was where Qin Han meets Liu Xue Hua who plays two characters- the one with the heart problem and he later falls for the missing twin, also played by Liu Xue Hua!  Pretty much, it's a mystery to the characters Liu Xue Hua plays in here.  I guess this should get a remake soon with Jerry Yan and Liu Yi Fei playing the characters of Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua.  Hmmm it might be nice to see Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua act as parenting parents- Qin Han as Jerry Yan's father and Liu Xue Hua as Liu Yi Fei's mother or Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua as Jerry Yan's parents and Bridgette Lin as Liu Yi Fei's mother.  Now I wonder if we can get Joan Lin to also play a part after her long retirement.

Another is Courtyard Deeply.  This could be a metaphor of love is blind.  What pretty intrigues me is that Qin Han's character here is determined to find the love of his life his wife acted by Liu Xue Hua, despite being blind while there's also the third party.  Meanwhile Liu Xue Hua does have her monster-in-law problems.  I really could imagine if Jerry Yan plays this part with Esther Liu or Liu Yi Fei.

Both versions of Romance in the Rain.  There's the 1986 version and the 2000 version.  The 1986 version features Liu Xue Hua and Qin Han, the 2006 version features Vicki Zhao and Qin Han.  So it's a story of a dysfunctional family of a general who's been divorced eight times, revenge, forgiveness, etc. in fact there's really buckets of tears and a change of ending to a happier one.  I guess I'd probably watch the one my late paternal grandmother watched as well.


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