Series Review: Love Storm

Well I never thought I would do this but I should start writing some bad reviews as well.  Before I watch Faiz or do a review, I would like to do a review on the disaster that is Love Storm.  It's so bad I can't really watch it.  It stars Vivian Xu as the spoiled brat Jia Le, Vic Chou as Liu Ying Fong and Ken Chu as Bao Long.  Sure the story has some interesting twists but all I can say poor acting ruined the story which could have been done better.  And also the story is pretty stupid the start with.  So where do I begin?  It starts with Jia Le seeing her aunt run away with all people a MAFIA?  Stupid.  And it does get dumber when Jia Le is one obnoxious brat which the situation is made worse by Vivian Xu's very low quality acting, Vic Chou that time was hardly convincing (he was still on the way to being polished) and Ken Chu is pretty corny and not convincing here.  If I'm to talk, Jia Le does get annoying with her talking, acting, UGH!  Really, Vivian Xu does give me nightmares to the point that I almost didn't watch Kamen Rider Kiva because Yu Takahashi kinda looked like her.

For the story of Liu Ying Fong, it was pretty interesting.  He was the adoptive son of Ma Ye and was liked by his foster sister (looks like he wasn't even legally adopted) played by the late Xu Wei Lun.  I just felt that his development with Jia Le was totally uncalled for, no chemistry and it looks like Vic Chou was annoyed by the script his acting got so bad in here!  I mean, in Come to My Place he was convincing as a bad guy but here, no, just no!  It's stupid!   For Bao Long, well I wonder why on Earth would he want to date an annoying girl like Jia Le?  I mean his half-sister Bao Lu (well they have different mothers, he was a child born by a premarital affair as later revealed and he was adopted by his stepmother) had OTHER friends, even one is pretty hot I'd date her!  And the love triangle is so bland plus every pacing gets so bad.  Also, the comedy is hardly funny I'd rather watch Spongebob Squarepants or I'd rather cry myself buckets of tears watching Qiong Yao.  So this is a good show to avoid in general.

My rating?  4/10.  This is one drama you should avoid to get a brain freeze!  Avoid it like you'd also avoid "Come to My Place".


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