Movie Review: Future X Cop

Now it's time for another review.  So this is one movie I'd say maybe Yasuko Kobayashi would like the concept it with Wong Jing's writing.  So far, this film is what got me pretty mixed since I'm starting to dislike time travel plots after seeing Kamen Rider Den-O.  Moving on, it's the year 2080 and he travels back to 2020 to stop a band of criminals.  Andy Lau plays the role of a cyborg from the future which gives the impression of both Robocop and Terminator.  Zhizhao is a detective from the future who loses his family namely his wife Mei Li (played by Fan Bing Bing) and Kiki (played by Xu Jiao).

 So the head terrorist Ka Long (Louis Fan) really, really I mean really is one badass villain but too bad this film soon fell into just one mess.  The mission is to stop the cyborg terrorists from destroying the future when they attempt to kill Professor Ma in the pat, that was 2020.  So why not 2010?  Bothers me but still, moving on.... and I do agree with ChrisX/NJB that this movie is barely watchable though I wonder what other critics think of this film?

So what happens is that is just awkward.  It's all those mushy mushy time-crossed romances and you can't be together because of time!  The heartbroken Zhizhao goes into the past and to avoid suspicion, disguises himself as a civilian and then runs into Wang Xue (played by Barbie Xu).  I really thought that the whole subplot of romance was okay but in here, it just doesn't freaking work for me.  Really, I dunno what the directors were even thinking about it Barbie Xu and Andy Lau?

The whole fight scenes were awesome, yes but that's all I could enjoy about the film.  The plot really just got weaker and weaker.  Really I wonder... maybe only people who really like Den-O might enjoy this film but not me.  Eventually there's an even weaker imitation of the break-up of Tatsuya and Yuuri in Timeranger.  So he does meet her again the future as an old woman.  What I found corny was that Wang Xue was still played by Barbie Xu as an old woman, can't they get a real old woman for that scene because a real old woman looks better than a young person with all that make-up?!  It was so horribly fake I really say it's bad.  But I'll admit I liked it at first but it just got messy the second time, like the second time I watched through Den-O.

My rating?  6/10.


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