Movie Review: Kamen Rider Fourze The Movie- It's Space Time

Well this is my first Kamen Rider movie review, I might do a more detailed review of Ryuki's alternate ending but I'll start with this.  It's time for the first review and this feature film was pretty much a little bit odd but I still liked it.  So the opening scene begins with Foundation X going to receive the Twelve switches of the Horoscopes from Gamou, Keiko Hayase does a small part.  Inga Blink who's not really my type is fun to watch as she performs kicks.  At school, Gentaro tries to be friends with a computer which is stupid. Utsugi Sensei calls them and they are alerted.  I just loved the action sequences involved or the fact that Ayumi Kinoshita made an appearance as the character Asuka- she's an awesome actress.  Well, the Kamen Rider Club is set on a mission where they are supposedly set for space.  There's the bus scene which they are going to go to the "secret headquarters" and the fight with Inga Blink.  There's also the short cameo of Kamen Rider Wizard who didn't call himself a Kamen Rider yet with a lot of typical action movie scene awesomeness as they head for Osto Legacy HQ.  In fact that whole bus trip for me was one of the best scenes ever.

For me the space training scenes were fun and of course, there was that awesome battle that Fourze and Meteor show to battle the Twelve Apostles' images.  Kamen Rider Wizard comes in to fight.  So he's not yet a full pledged Kamen Rider though but still, it was fun.  For me, this was one of the best movies involving teenagers with attitude.  For me every last of the training scenes has been fun.  I just thought of it that it did have a suspense factor since it looked like that they won't make it in time until Wizard appeared.  So Wizard hasn't declared himself a Kamen Rider until later.  What I liked about the suspense scene was that it really added some value to the action area.  For Utsugi-sensei's scenes here, it's always something he's kind of stupid but at the same time, entertaining.

So they are to go to a robotic satellite to which can change the fate of the world with Shun driving the Power Dizer to help everyone in the battle against a team of robots.  But then we realize that Asuka was manipulating them which is an audience first, character later revelation.  Which is later discovered that she and the head of the Osto Legacy Group are the real villains while for Inga Blink who we think was a bad guy, was actually trying to prevent the destruction of Earth!  I do find this twist amazing and weird at the same time.  So the whole plot to destroy the satellite was all a ruse?  So I just thought that the Asuka and the head of Osto Legacy were really Skydain and Grodain who were Ironmen and in here, there's a little bit of nostalgic trip when we see Gentarou befriend a robot... pretty much like Hikaru's scene in episode 14 of Bioman she befriended the Neural Brain.  The tears made me think of my childhood all over again.  At the same time the Space Satellite is actually a giant robot that was destined to destroy the Earth while it did contain the memories of Inga Blink's father.

What I really thought was that the whole battle with the two robots is amazing at the same time, the revelation of Inga Blink is one of the best things in the movie.  So we realize that time is running out, it's a heavy battle and a lot of the Kamen Rider Club's units were destroyed.  The sad scene between Gentarou and the robot was one of the best scenes ever... a good imitation of that scene from Bioman I mentioned earlier.  In order to produce that power, they needed the 40 switches to be activated at once which I thought was a hard challenge.  Well even the Chairman Gamou did join to help the formation of the movie only power-up that allowed Fourze and Meteor powers to combine into one to destroy the two robots.  I do find the whole doomsday thing scary, well good thing Fourze averted it.  Eventually the Space Satellite regaining its true self flies away somewhere very far away as the movie ends after the destruction of the two robots.

My rating?  8/10.


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