Movie Review: Dragon Squad

Getting past Sky Runner, Vanness Wu takes the major challenge of being a cop.  I had my thoughts on this film, nice choreography, intense plot but for me, it's not really much.  Vanness Wu's not a terrible performer but he's just really not that good in his role as Officer Wang.  Moving on- I really thought this film had a great beginning but had some very bad stuff in it that I'd like to raise.  So where do I start?

Hong Kong's police interpol against the mafia ran by Petros Angelo (Michael Biehn) which I thought was cool but really, the rest were pretty forgettable for me except for the hot chick Yuen Suet (Huang Sheng Yi).  Sammo Hung's character as Kong Long was also forgettable for me as well.  Shawn Yue I never cared about him much either.  This one of Daniel Lee's thrillers but I wonder if I can consider it a real masterpiece or not.  So what's the big deal?  So this Petros guy is SO SICK he even forcibly cuts the ear of a rival mafia hostage and sends the ear.  Really can he get that sick?  Good thing it wasn't focused but still, got me goosebumps.

I also had my issues on how Maggie Q was cast as the sniper Yuet- I didn't like the idea of her reduced as a sniper and I thought she would be the hero's love interest but instead, she was a villain.  Okay no argument, Maggie Q can play hero and villain roles great.  I really thought of the film's action scenes as too intense.  One after the other, it's all about bullets and fists, and I really woulds ay that Isabella Leung's short cameo wasn't that good either as Sammo Hung's daughter.  Really how can such an ugly man have such a hot daughter?  I've heard of ugly mothers with hot daughters though but if he had a pretty wife, I guess it would make sense.  It just really got me angry when Yuen Suet was killed by Yuet.  Really, I HATED How Yuen Suet was killed off, hurts me to see when eye candy gets killed that way!  If anybody should have died, I would write any of the male officers to die.  I hate seeing women fall like that!

The whole team decides to avenge their fallen comrade in a series of rather intense and bloody scenes.  Pretty much, I would say Ko's suicide was a good scene.  For Yuet's death, I really thought of it that her being killed by a man wasn't good- I mean why did the writers of ALL THINGS kill Yuen Suet just like that?  Tears really.  Daniel Lee why you kill Yuen Suet?  I would have enjoyed Yuet's death better if Yuen Suet lived, the two had a REAL woman to woman gun shooting and then bam!  I mean Eva Huang vs. Maggie Q in a gun shot scene would have been badass, come on Daniel Lee what are you thinking?  But really, why are women treated so disposable in here?  Also the death of Yu Ching (Lee Bing Bing) proves that.  Sheesh... I really hate it when women get treated as disposables.  So what in the world was Daniel Lee thinking?!

Here's where the film gets pretty ridiculous was in the final battle.  Then again, that's typical action films you get a dose of gun shots and all.  The finale was so intense, it's a gun shot duel between Petros and Officer Wang.  In fact, the injuries were that great I really thought that Officer Wang was good as dead.  So they all survived? WTF?  I really thought that all those bleeding would have killed them already.  Overall though, I am pretty mixed on this film.  Great story with some serious flaws.

My rating?  7/10.  It had its good points BUT why they kill Yuen Suet?!


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