My Thoughts on the Kamen Rider Club

Well here's my thoughts on the individuals of the Kamen Rider Club.  It pretty much is about growing up, making mistakes and moving on.  Now what I thought of the members...

1.) Gentaro Kisaragi/Fourze- He's the typical "bad boy" image with the heart of gold, quite naive and wants to be friends with everyone. Again, another unlikely hero and he's pretty much comedic for me.  His "Grease" image would remind me of John Travolta's 80s character.  Is it me or does he dress too much like the 80s?  His determination to be friends with everyone can be a fatal flaw as he can be too trusting which is a weakness in many people.  Despite that weakness, I really still like the guy!  For me, I do think that his cheery enthusiasm is one of the many reasons why I like him, something I wish I had more of.

2.) Kengo Utahoshi- While I initially disliked him but I grew to accept his role in a short amount of time as he was what I'd call the boy genius or the Jimmy Neutron of the group.  What I just thought was that I was feeling sorry for him because he seemed to have a heart condition until it was revealed later that he was the Core Child born out of a switch and not by human parents, a sample to gather data.  Well in a way he is like Philip in W, being the researcher though having a much different personality.  His supposed death was really very sad to watch, I wish it never happened in this rather fun show.  But good thing he was resurrected in the end.

3.) Yuki Jojima- Well I'll admit that I had a "crush" on her in the show despite her lack of hotness factor.  So well she's pretty nutty, cookie and sometimes airheaded.  Do people really hate her?  I don't.  I find her funny and a comic relief for me though she's not as good as Akiko.  But still, I do love her presence as time goes by.

4.) Miu Kazashiro- Though I initially disliked her during the time she was being bossy, however she turns out to be a really nice person overall.  So yeah, she does get emphasized for hotness which I don't find her attractive.  I was thinking her development wasn't that special either or that her supposed chemistry with Shun can kind of slip into nowhere especially she had a crush on Gentaro which I didn't like. =P

5.) JK- I find this guy weird, funny and well he's not really special but I can tolerate him.  Just made me think that the rock and roll episodes involving him were for me, his best moments but it wasn't that good.

6.) Shun Daimonji- Id' say he's a definition of manliness one way or another- toughness outside, soft inside.  I really thought he was a jerk with a heart of gold during his focus episodes, it wasn't emphasized later.  Me, I pretty like how he uses the Power Dizer or two, he's not afraid to cry about his feelings while he uses his assets to help others making him one of the manliest men I've ever seen on Kamen Rider history!

7.) Tomoko Nozama- I did find her creepy at first, all Goth but later on I was thinking she's interesting because of all the weird stuff she does.  The part where she nearly became a witch was where I really enjoyed her development.  Does she and Ryusei Sakuta have some chemistry?

8.) Ryusei Sakuta- Kamen Rider Meteor, what do I say?  Well I do find it so pissing off that he has to really hide his secret about him being Meteor or lose his powers.  I'd say he's kind of like Ryu/Accel in W but done in another way.  The pressure for me hurts more though I still like his plot a lot.  I just thought that his episode with Aries Zodiart was where he made his biggest mistake and yet he learned from it, a very powerful arc if you ask me for him.

9.) Chuta Ohsugi- Well he's just a cookie adviser who suspects a lot of things.  I thought he was funny all the way.  Best part of him?  It was when he became the adviser of the Kamen Rider Club!

Looking at them, I thought it was one of the best things to happen in Kamen Rider though the concept still has a lot of polishing to do.  Who can do the job?  Maybe Naruhisa Arakawa?


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