I'm Now Watching Kamen Rider WIZARD!!!!!!

I decided to watch Kamen Rider Wizard from start to end where not anyone can learn wizardry... a far cry from most wizardry based shows.  So far, I am rewatching it from episode one though the last episode I saw was 16.  I'm watching the show and so far, it has gotten me more interested in it than ToQGer, note both ToQGer and Wizard are produced by Takaaki Utsunomiya.

Somehow I view Kamen Rider Wizard as the season that before Timmy Turner loses his Fairy Godparents, he ends up wishing, "I WISH I WAS A KAMEN RIDER!" then poof, we got Haruto.  I know it's a forced comparison but I always want to make fun of Haruto as a spin-off of Timmy Turner from Fairly Oddparents... did the guy also have stupid parents and an evil babysitter?  He learns several magic spells without even uttering too many words.

Now I have stupid reasons to watch the show... and one of them is for the cute Erina Nakayama.  IMO even with the cute appearance, the actress herself knows how to carry out the rather cruel Medusa herself.  She sounds more mature than Reiko Chiba (who has that squeaky voice) while having a very moe appearance.  I got to admit, I think I'm ready to fall into despair to win her love!

Another stupid reason I can have is Rinko played by Yuko Takayama.  She's a detective who wishes to help fight the Phantoms in spite of not having any magic.  I will admit she's the hottest girl in the show!  Hmmm I could imagine myself as "Black Condor" trying to flirt with her or something.  I might do a Gai Yuki, purposely break the law and then... I might end up going after Medusa next only to fall into despair.  Maybe my only beef is that I would have preferred her as a Akazukin Cha Cha type ally instead.  Then again, eye candy won't save a bad show from my harsh criticisms would it?  I'll just have to wait and see.


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