How I Wish Hojo Got Carried Out in Kamen Rider Agito

Hojo is one character in Kamen Rider Agito I have mixed reactions towards because he frequently derailed the G3 Unit.  I just thought he's the show's version of Naoto Takizawa and many times, I wanted to strangle him yet I can also relate to him.  So what did I think of Hojo?  He's a very skilled detective of sorts but he has selfish agenda towards himself and mass jealousy towards the G3 Unit, which I can relate to because I can be the jealous type whenever somebody got the position I thought I deserved.  Note that this opinion came in after I watched Timeranger from start to end (painfully under Portugese subs and I had to rely on my little knowledge, synopsis, etc.) and some bad quality videos.

I felt Hojo should have been closer to this guy... Naoto Takizawa!

Sometimes, I tend to think Hojo is either a result of bad writing or two, he should have been Kamen Rider G3 FROM THE START.  I always felt that he should have been, "Well I'm G3, I'm the hero!" and that he's the leader of a City Guardians-eque type of unit only to have it, "Shoot!  I can't believe Kamen Rider Agito is already overshadowing me!" type of scenario.  I thought that the conflict of Hojo should have gone against Shuichi/Agito instead of Hikawa.  I felt like the loner attitude he had was resembling Gai Yuki and Naoto Takizawa.  My entire thought was he was just there for the sake of being a dick when it could have been better if he were a henshin anti-hero.

Part of my wishful thinking was that while he is G3, his teammates would berate his Naoto-ish attitude and he would later reveal how he practically grew up with NOTHING and later, link that conflict with the evolution of humanity.  That is, he thinks it's unfair blah blah because Agito overshadows him and that while he uses G3, he also thinks of nothing else but climbing up the social ladder, not willing to step down again.  That is, give him Naoto's power hungry attitude because of the fact that he practically started with nothing.  I also wished that he would later be stubborn and say, "Well the Unknown are doing what they should do, slowing down evolution.  I've been a victim of the fast effect of evolution after all." type of talk.

What happens next is that he sees the error of his ways, seeing that the Overlord of Darkness has gone too far to restart humanity.  Later on, he realizes the error of his ways when he tries to save a young girl with the Agito seed within her.  He doesn't necessarily have to die like Naoto but if he has to die, it would be he saves a young girl with the Agito seed from a Lord.  There were many ways Hojo could have been carried out only if he were Kamen Rider G3!


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