Kamen Rider Drive Is Still Getting More Interesting For Me As Of Late!

While I feel I am losing interest with Ninninger but Kamen Rider Drive is where I usually cope up with what I currently feel about Tokusatsu.  While I felt Riku Sanjo wasn't good with Kyoryuger (no thanks to a lousy sexist producer) but for me, he's still fit to write Kamen Rider.  Moving on... I think Kamen Rider Drive is really interesting me.

Drive 25
What I find funny is how Tomori's secret is out with the department and well, Chief Jun knew all the time?  Wow, I wonder why the Asian culture has a habit of keeping secrets and slowly revealing it?  With Tomori himself, I feel like the whole was shocked to discover that Chief Jun was in charge of the whole Drive.  Later, the identity of Tomori is exposed though why am I now having the feeling that Tomori might be a Jiban 2.0.?!  I'm just guessing but I'm having a feeling Tomori may not be human anymore.  Again, it's just me SPECULATING... considering this show has a lighter feel than Jiban.

Drive 27
So there's the question of conflict among the Roidmudes as the father of the siblings Kiriko and Gou was ultimately responsible but were the Roidmudes really intended for good?  I am thinking the mysteries behind the Roidmudes are already getting solved within a moderate pace.  Maybe it's not as great as Kamen Rider Agito or Kamen Rider Kuuga but I'll give credit where credit is due.  At the same time, conflict happens between Kiriko and Gou on their viewpoints especially that Chase (who's a Roidmude) who is somewhat a hero now, has joined them.

What's a police drama without some conflict within the police station or maybe not?  This guy Mitsuhide Nira is really way very annoying and obnoxious.  Fortunately, he's not just there to annoy - he is secretly aligned with Soichi Makage/Freeze whos 001 of the Roidmudes.  I am dying of suspense to see that the investigation team will discover Nira's cowardice and self-serving nature, at the same time what does he know of the death of Tomori's father?


  1. looks like i can love this, thanks for the article ^^


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