Vic Zhou's "The Other Shore 1945" Drama Screenshots in the Battlefield

Here are some screenshots of Vic Zhou's challenging role as "Dr. Su Tai Ying" in the battlefield.  These screenshots just are marvelously done with him in his uniform.

He looks like he's getting shot for betrayal or what?

A very confused man in the battlefield?

Taking orders perhaps?

 Probably resting in their camp to recover his strength..

A confused medic... do I kill or do I heal?

Is that a compass or a detonator?

He really looks bad-ass in here.

Woah that's one scary rifle!

Is the enemy still out there?

Hiding behind a boulder, awaiting enemy attack?

Please live!!!!  LIVE!!!!

Doing a CPR on a wounded soldier...

What's that sharp sword?!

Another compass shot...

Awaiting the turn to strike...

That... was... awful...

Pointed by a lot of bayonets that's gotta be scary...

Weeping over fallen comrades...

Last request anyone?


  1. Where Can I watch this? Been longing for this war drama of Vic Zhou. Oops, with english subtitles please. (:>

  2. I know a place to watch all 33 episodes, but it doesn't have english subs. Do you happen to know a good translator?


    Here's the link:回家(彼岸1945)-第15集-Home-(Taiwan-Version)-Ep-15-(Taiwan-Version)


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