Hiiro Kagami's Manly Tears

I thought of Hiiro Kagami's defection to Masamune Dan's side because his girlfriend Saki's data is still there. He contradicted himself when he decided to put feelings before his duty. Several episodes, we see a Taiga who's someone who puts his duty before his feelings. He berates Emu for his perceived view of being "too emotional" but he's trapped in that maze. Masamune has the data of his girlfriend Saki Momose. He could have had her back (assuming Masamune could really do it) but he ended up choosing not to.

The condition was that he performs surgery on Taiga Hanaya and fail on purpose. Masamune is really that sick making him responsible to why Kuroto's also a genocidal maniac. I really loved the emotional drama shown in this scene. He chose his duty over Saki. He couldn't bring himself to kill Taiga just to get his girlfriend back. I also thought how he refused to get others involved. He lost the chance to get Saki back (assuming it could happen) but he chose his duty over his feelings. He cried in the rain to relieve himself of his frustration.

His incident almost reminds me of Ryu Tendo in Jetman. Ryu contradicted himself when he discovered Maria was a brainwashed and crazy Rie Aoi. Though both incidents are different yet they are also similar. Hiiro and Ryu are both characters who put their duty ahead of their feelings but ended up contradicting themselves along the way.

What do you think of this scenario? 


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