Wishful Thinking: Actresses Who Could Have Played As Guan Yin/Avalokitesvara In Journey To The West

It's nice to enjoy the incarnations of Journey to the West in both TV and film. I was thinking of a couple of times that Hong Kong and Taiwanese films and series end up hiring foreign actors to play in their scripts. I could remember having Korean actors and half-Chinese, half-something actors play the parts. One particular character comes to mind namely Avalokitesvara in the Journey to the West. In Chinese, she is known as Kuan Yin Pusa. I could talk of some actresses I wish played as the said character.

The Singaporean actress Michelle Zheng Saram is half-Indian and half-Chinese. I remembered her appearance in Meteor Garden as a runaway princess from Bhutan known as Yesha. Speaking of which some legends say that Avalokitesvara was actually an Indian princess who became a Boddhisatva. If she could play as a runaway princess in Meteor Garden then I don't see any problem with her playing as a runaway Indian princess who went her own way. It's said that Avalokitesvara abandoned the Indian royalty to pursue the convent. I don't see any reason why she can't play as the said character.

Another actress who could play as Avalokitesvara in any Hong Kong film based on Journey to the West is Mallika Sherawat. She appeared with Jackie Chan in "The Myth". That alone made me wish she played as Kuan Yin instead of Kelly Chen in the Monkey King movie starring Donnie Yen. She could have her voice dubbed if she can't speak in Cantonese or Mandarin. 


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