Why Do I Still Call Chinese And South Korean TV Dramas Based On Japanese Media To Be Localized Versions?

So what's the difference between adaptation and localization? Here's the definitions that could be used to prove the difference between them but they're both similar in some way in doing business from the Business Dictionary:


1. Edited or revised version of a work aimed at serving a specific need.
2. Modification of a concept or object to make it applicable in situations different from originally anticipated.


The practice of adjusting a product's functional properties and characteristics to accommodate the language, cultural, political and legal differences of a foreign market or country.
Let's take this example with City Hunter which had both a Manga and Anime (Japan) and the City Hunter live action series which was made in South Korea:
City Hunter in Japan both has a Manga and an Anime adaptation based on the Manga. The Anime adapted from the Manga was meant for the Japanese audience where the changes don't reflect the need to adjust to a…

Kougami Foundation Reminds Me Of Saban Capital Group?

While doing some Kamen Rider OOO rewatches, I thought it 'd be funny to do this silly comparison between a fictional character (Cake Boss) and a real life character (Haim Saban). It doesn't help the situation that the actor Takashi Ukaji freaking looks like a younger Haim Saban. The Kougami Foundation is one huge business empire that owns a lot of businesses. Haim Saban owns the Saban Capital Group. Whether or not Kougami Foundation also owns an entertainment company is not known but they certainly own a bakery. The company has been doing some philanthropy work while having a cheapskate boss. That alone reminds me of Saban's questionable behavior with how he handles Power Rangers. But there are some bizarre coincidences (or not) with that really happened.

Shintaro Goto is loyal to the cause of Kougami Foundation but ends up questioning Cake Boss' choices like overly relying on Eiji Hino's blind loyalty. I want to make fun that Shintaro is actually Judd "Chip&…

I'm Now Watching The Korean Version Of City Hunter

I guess I can't really and totally dismiss South Korean series can I? After watching Kang Chi I'm now more and more interested to do some backtrack watching with City Hunter. I admit that I'm not exactly a huge fan of South Korean shows but a good story is still a good story. Sometimes, I feel the need to divert from watching Tokusatsu shows and focus more on types of shows that I haven't watched for some time. At the same time, I acknowledge that City Hunter is actually a Manga done by Hojo Tsukasa who I'm yet to be familiar with.

The plot has both North Korea and South Korea involved in the beginning. The conflict between North and South is so bad that South Korean series tend to put them in a lot in some of their TV series and North Korean laws ban South Korean music. The beginning shows the tragedy of the hero Lee Yoon Song who would assume the identity of a dead Korean-American teenager. Our hero Yoon Song secretly sacks corrupt politicians in the most bizarre…

Game Start: Parad Finally Starts The Kamen Rider Chronicle Plan

It looks like Parad's takeover isn't going to be disappointing. Kuroto Dan isn't forgotten and fallen like what happened to Bilgenia shortly after Shadow Moon's revival. Kuroto is still mentioned even after he's been disposed of in such a coldblooded way. There's no just typical "bwahahahaha attack" like the mutated three priests of Gorgom. There's no boring first appearance and Parad does nothing. No, Parad is nothing like Shadow Moon as an evil Kamen Rider. Shadow Moon was just brainwashed and crazy. This guy seems to be a Bugster that feels like he was actually created to emulate Takeshi Asakura or Kamen Rider Ouja.

The whole problem now has it that Poppy has been brainwashed and is part of the Kamen Rider Chrronicle plan. The whole game's design is to make people kill each other to the finish. It's a sick game and we see how sick it is. After they've lost they'll all die. It's already a modified version of that Kamen Rider …

Hopefully Parad's Takeover Won't Be A Disappointment Like Shadow Moon's Takeover

The way Kuroto Dan was destroyed was a quite of improvement to what happened to Bilgenia in Kamen Rider Black. If you remember Kamen Rider Black episode where Shadow Moon awakens and take over it was anti-climatic. I felt Kuroto's death has more plot than Bilgenia's sudden demise at the hands of Shadow Moon. Parad appears to be menacing and he's already has what he needs to complete Kamen Rider Chronicle game.

Allow me to talk about my problems with Shadow Moon's long run implementation in Kamen Rider Black. Granted, I actually do still like the series but I find how Shadow Moon was carried out as one of its weaknesses. Recently, Shadow Moon has become one of the Heisei era's favorite butt monkeys for several crossover movies. But I thought he was a potentially cool character that just got wasted. Sure, earthquakes happened when he was awakened but was it worth all the effect? I don't think so. Shadow Moon becomes less and less active until the final battle. I…

Gu Family Book: Who's The Monster And Who's The Man?

Image taken from dorama girl's world

I've just finished Gu Family Book. What I could admit is that it's a pretty good story and I can't put it down. True, it's got a lot of crack but again, what do you expect when it's a fantasy-based sageuk or Korean period drama. It's not your typical historical series but it's sort of like Inuyasha but given a Korean twist. Okay, I haven't seen Inuyasha so I'll just focus on Kang Chi's character. Maybe I might make a few Super Sentai references due to similar characters such as Yamimaru from Turboranger or Eiji Takaoka from Boukenger.

But I'll talk about how this TV series tries to focus on who's the monster and who's the man question with its characters. Kang Chi is born a result of a romance between a Gumiho and a human woman. This results to the birth to what some Super Sentai fans may call a Nagare Bouma. Kang Chi was to be raised among humans unaware that he's a Hanyo. It's only y…

Kuroto Dan's End And Parad's Turn To Darken Things Up

I do feel pretty mixed when it comes to the end of a good villain. That is unless the writers decide to revive Kuroto to take revenge on Parad if the actor hasn't fully left the set. Kuroto's been trying to create the ultimate game so he could rule over humanity only for his plan to backfire badly at him. So what do do I feel about this one? It's almost like how Bilgenia in Kamen Rider Black was as a villain. A total badass who ends up getting destroyed at the hands of another villain.
Do you remember Shadow Moon's awakening in Kamen Rider Black? Shadow Moon awakens after the Gorgom priests feeds him their life force. Shadow Moon's first act as a Century King candidate is to get the Satan Saber from Bilgenia. Bilgenia returns, tries to defeat Shadow Moon and is destroyed. After Kuroto's defeat at the hands of EX-AID's latest form he gets some treacherous "help" from Parad.

On the other hand one may consider how Parad may not be a disappointing vi…