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Gu Family Book: Who's The Monster And Who's The Man?

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I've just finished Gu Family Book. What I could admit is that it's a pretty good story and I can't put it down. True, it's got a lot of crack but again, what do you expect when it's a fantasy-based sageuk or Korean period drama. It's not your typical historical series but it's sort of like Inuyasha but given a Korean twist. Okay, I haven't seen Inuyasha so I'll just focus on Kang Chi's character. Maybe I might make a few Super Sentai references due to similar characters such as Yamimaru from Turboranger or Eiji Takaoka from Boukenger.

But I'll talk about how this TV series tries to focus on who's the monster and who's the man question with its characters. Kang Chi is born a result of a romance between a Gumiho and a human woman. This results to the birth to what some Super Sentai fans may call a Nagare Bouma. Kang Chi was to be raised among humans unaware that he's a Hanyo. It's only y…

Kuroto Dan's End And Parad's Turn To Darken Things Up

I do feel pretty mixed when it comes to the end of a good villain. That is unless the writers decide to revive Kuroto to take revenge on Parad. Kuroto's been trying to create the ultimate game so he could rule over humanity only for his plan to backfire badly at him. So what do do I feel about this one? It's almost like how Bilgenia in Kamen Rider Black was as a villain. A total badass who ends up getting destroyed at the hands of another villain.
Do you remember Shadow Moon's awakening in Kamen Rider Black? Shadow Moon awakens after the Gorgom priests feeds him their life force. Shadow Moon's first act as a Century King candidate is to get the Satan Saber from Bilgenia. Bilgenia returns, tries to defeat Shadow Moon and is destroyed. After Kuroto's defeat at the hands of EX-AID's latest form he gets some treacherous "help" from Parad.

On the other hand one may consider how Parad may not be a disappointing villain like Shadow Moon is in Kamen Rider Bl…

My First Impressions Of Gu Family Book's Korean Ghost Story

I'm back to watching some Korean TV series. I had a huge overdose of Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and almost everything Japanese that I feel like a momentary break or taking it slow helps. While I'm still devoting myself to weekly reviews and opinions of Kyuranger in my Super Sentai blog and maybe I'll give some updates on Kamen Rider EX-AID (though I feel like a lot of cliffhangers should give me a break but I want to see more episodes come out) whenever I feel like it so here's my latest watch. I'm watching the story of Kang Chi which is also called Gu Family book.

The first two episodes are devoted to the hero Choi Kang Chi's parents and not to our main hero. Yoon Seo-Wa loses her father after some lecherous lord named Jo Gwan-Woong frames her father and desires her sexually even if she's young enough to be his daughter. Gwan-Woong proves the depravity of the human heart. Not only does he frame up someone for his own benefit but he also sexually desires a …

The Irony I Don't K-Pop But I Like Watching Korean Shows

Right now it's just a challenge. Watch Toku or watch Korean shows? I can enjoy but sometimes it's best to focus on one thing at a time. I could talk about one thing I find to be very funny. I never had an interest with K-Pop even if I enjoyed watching some South Korean shows. What led me to have an interest with South Korean shows can be attributed to taste fatigue. I watched Meteor Garden out of curiosity and because I felt like I had watched too many Tokusatsu series at once. Then I went back to watching more Tokusatsu last 2008 because I had watched too many Taiwanese shows at once. There are also times I like the musical score but not the show. So I wanted something new and I said, "Hey it's not all that bad!"

I prefer Meteor Garden over Boys Over Flowers. Both were localized versions of Hana Yori Dango except everything was filmed from scratch. I can't forget how I had the bad habit of watching Autumn in My Heart only because I had a crush on Song Hye K…

So Hojo Emu Has The Game Illness?!

After watching two episodes of Kamen Rider Drives comes what's not too surprising or too surprising for some. This is the revelation that Hojo Emu actually has the Game Illness that was repressed for some time. If I can remember it correctly there was compatibility surgery involved. I think the protagonist having the Game Illness would be an interesting plot for EX-AID's storyline. Will this invoke a deadly disease in Hojo and will it unleash a cool fighting form? That's just one question I'd like to ask and I hope the answer is a yes.

How will Kuroto Dan play his Killer Bored Gemn with Hojo's situation? He seems to be a toned down version of Gozo Kirihara/God Neros from Metalder but that may change soon enough. As a villain, he displays traits of deadly players like Sword Saint Bilgenia from Kamen Rider Black and Dr. Mikoto Nakadai from Abaranger. Kuroto has shown more and more signs of being cruel and calculating towards just everyone. Like the villains I compar…

Darker And Edger VS. Lighter And Softer Heisei Era Rider

After writing my post on darker or lighter softer Super Sentai, it's time for the Overlords of Light and Darkness to argue. What kind of Heisei era Kamen Rider would be better? Would it be lighter and softer Heisei Rider or darker and edgier Heisei Rider. Let the debate begin once again!

A bit of a history lesson would take us to how Kamen Rider was cancelled after Kamen Rider Black RX. So no new series came except for a few short movies. Two years after the death of Shotaro Ishinomori the Kamen Rider franchise was revived with a new format. Kamen Rider Kuuga to Kamen Rider Kabuto are considerably that violent and scary. I call that era as the "Nightmare Era" of Kamen Rider.

The nightmare era of Heisei Rider

This era was already in conflict with the tone of Super Sentai after Timeranger. Post-Timeranger Super Sentai tend to be much less serious no matter how good the story is. Gaoranger was more of a fun ride with much less nightmare fuel than its predecessor Timeranger.…

The Chinese Super Squadron Known As The Eight Immortals Crossing The Sea

The story of the Eight Immortals is called "Ba Xian Guo Hai" in Mandarin. Xian is the word meaning immortal or some may loosely translate it as "saint". It was said that the eight of them were born in either the Tang or Song Dynasty in Ancient China. So who are the Eight Immortals? They have been banded together as a superhero team and several accounts how they became a team of eight. Take note that I haven't completely seen any series based on them but I'd actually want to check at least one series based on them. The superhero team provides a lot and I mean a lot of crazy action you'd find in the Wuxia genre. 
The members of the eight immortals would be the leader Lu Dongbin, the old man Zhang Guolao, the iron crutch carrying Li Tieguai who helped the sickly, the musician Han Xiangzhi, the flower carrying Lan Caihe, the fan carrying Chung Lichuan, the tablet carrying Cao Guojiu and the the lotus stick carrying fairy He Xiangu. Each one of them fulfill…