What If Jerry Yan And Barbie Xu-Wang Redid All Of The Chin/Liu Qiong Yao TV Series?

After watching some Qiong Yao series both new and old, I decided to reimagine what if Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu-Wang became Qiong Yao cast members after Meteor Garden II. After watching Romance in the Rain's two versions namely the 1986 version and the 2001 version, I really thought Jerry and Barbie should've been Shu Huan and Yi Ping. But what if they became a couple for all six TV series let's say Romance in the Rain happened in 2002, no Meteor Garden II and we'd be having Jerry and Barbie play the characters that were once assigned to Chin Han and Leanne Liu/Liu Xue Hua. These TV drama shows are Romance in the Rain, The Unforgettable Character, After Many Red Sunsets, Seagull's Home, Courtyard and Red Love.

Starting with Romance in the Rain (which I'm most familiar with), the two might get more or less a softened down version of the sadder versions of the story. Barbie as Yi Ping would be able to deliver more or less the same performance as Leanne did in the past. Her stare would probably scare you into thinking about hitting her again. Jerry would be able to do Chin Han's version of Shu Huan much better than Leo Ku. Except we may not see Jerry bringing a much angry Barbie, pins her across the wall to try and calm her down. But we might get a more convincing scene of Jerry doing all the scenes Leo could not do as Shu Huan. Leo was just pretty blank when it came to playing Shu Huan and even the voice dub doesn't help at all.

Considering how Qiong Yao managed to retool her original works for the better (or worse), the two may not get the same amount of sadness in all of them. Some of them might change a tragic ending to a happy one (she's done that twice in Romance in the Rain). I felt like seeing Jerry and Barbie act out as husband/wife throughout a series would've worked. I could imagine Jerry playing Pei Wen and Barbie playing the missing wife Han Ye/Si Ying in such a way your heart would be touched. With Barbie's acting skills she could play as two or three characters in "Seagull's Home" - both as the first sister who has a heart problem and the second sister who falls in love with the same guy. Barbie does have a decent voice that she doesn't need to have a voice over in some roles that would require the character to sing.

Chances are also that that old school Qiong Yao cast members are destined to return. You might actually get Leanne returning and getting matched up with Han again but they'll be having Jerry as their on-screen son. You might get Tang Qi resuming her role from "The Unforgettable Character" as Luo Yo Wen's grandmother but this time, more age accurate. She's more fit to play Jerry's grandmother and Qin Han's mother than to be cast as Qin Han's grandmother. You might see Han play as Jerry's father in one and Leanne play as Jerry's mother in another. Rosanna Gu would probably play Barbie's mother in "An Unforgettable Character" which she'd resume her old role but this time, more age-accurate than playing as Leanne's mother.

Then again, it would mean Jerry fans would need to ask themselves the question, "Would you be willing to watch another series with Jerry Yan but you're just ready to tear your heart out?"


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