Kougami Foundation Reminds Me Of Saban Capital Group?

While doing some Kamen Rider OOO rewatches, I thought it 'd be funny to do this silly comparison between a fictional character (Cake Boss) and a real life character (Haim Saban). It doesn't help the situation that the actor Takashi Ukaji freaking looks like a younger Haim Saban. The Kougami Foundation is one huge business empire that owns a lot of businesses. Haim Saban owns the Saban Capital Group. Whether or not Kougami Foundation also owns an entertainment company is not known but they certainly own a bakery. The company has been doing some philanthropy work while having a cheapskate boss. That alone reminds me of Saban's questionable behavior with how he handles Power Rangers. But there are some bizarre coincidences (or not) with that really happened.

Shintaro Goto is loyal to the cause of Kougami Foundation but ends up questioning Cake Boss' choices like overly relying on Eiji Hino's blind loyalty. I want to make fun that Shintaro is actually Judd "Chip" Lynn and how he handled Power Rangers back in the 90s. I think Chip had a lot of revising to do when he wrote the series assigned to him. Who knows maybe he wanted to turn Bansheera into the negative energy of the Universe like Grandienne was in GoGoFive but his request was denied? He also may have wanted to make Time Force more serious than usual but again his request got denied. Akira Date may actually represent Jackie Marchand.

I think the work conditions of Erika Satonoka may reflect to why Amy Jo Johnson left during the set causing Kimberly to be written off. Though Erika prefers spicy food but she has to taste all the cake that Cake Boss makes. I feel like that could be reflection to Amy Jo's treatment of her character during the later run of Mighty Morphin'. Erika doesn't look like she's happy with how things are in the Kougami Foundation either. I don't blame Amy Jo for leaving Season Three.

The celebration of the 999th to 1000th episodes of Kamen Rider reminds me of how much garbage Saban's Mashed Rider really is and will always be. Sure I call Kamen Rider Decade as the "pseudo-sequel" of Saban's Mashed Rider but I'd still watch it over the latter. At least, Decade is not a cheap production though I still feel it's the black sheep of the Heisei era. Fortunately, most of the post-Decade shows are making up for that disaster. I may not find Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Ghost all that entertaining but I still think they're better than Decade. Cake Boss celebrates the occasion with a very cheap movie. Screw that movie!

I wonder if I should compare Dr. Kiyoto Maki to Jonathan Tzachor. From what I heard that guy Tzachor actually sabotaged Power Rangers during the Neo-Saban era. As much as I don't like Power Rangers but how he does his job is just stupid. As if Neo-Nickelodeon's poor management isn't enough we have Tzachor. Disney's rushed seasons to Nickelodeon's splitting Power Rangers are both good reasons why I think it's best I don't even spend time watching Power Rangers. It's a shame how Saban and Toei worked to create a monster hit only to have it marred and scarred by mismanagement. I would consider Dr. Maki as Tzachor's equivalent in Kamen Rider OOO.

What do you think of this bizarre and forced comparison?


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